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L1 Introduction to dental materials
Physical and chemical properties ...,
What is a primary bond,
What is a secondary bond
17  cards
L2: physical and chemical properties of dental materials
What is creep and flow,
Low contact angle reflects _ ___,
High contact angle reflects ____
24  cards
L3 mechanical properties
What is the occlusal force in adults,
What is tensile force,
What is shear force
16  cards
L4 Resin based composite
What is the composition of a resi...,
What is the resin matrix made up of,
What factors play a role in incre...
28  cards
L5 : Bonding agents
What does acid etching technique do,
Describe the mechanism of adhesion,
How does acid etching affect the ...
13  cards
L6: Dental Cements
Dental cements usually are ____,
What are the types of luting cements,
What are luting cements used for
30  cards
L10 impression materials
Negative replica,
Possitive replica,
Factors needed for an accurate ne...
45  cards
L11: Dental investment and casting procedure
What is investing,
What is an investment material,
Gypsum bonded investment material...
26  cards
L12 : metal and alloys in dentistry
What are casting alloys used for,
What are wrought alloys used for,
Desirable quality of metals and a...
19  cards
L13: prosthetic polymer and resins
Denture base materials are availa...,
Colorless material used in fabric...,
How does polymethyl methacrylate ...
32  cards
L14 Dental ceramics
What are ceramics,
What are porcelains,
Advantages of ceramics
13  cards
L15 : Emerging technologies in dentistry
What does bioactive mean,
What does bio inductive mean,
Dental biomaterials must be ___
9  cards
L7: glass ionomer cement
The glass in gic refers to,
The ionomer in gic refers to,
Gic is ____ based and ____ adhesive
32  cards
L8: Dental amalgam
What is amalgamation trituration,
Composition of amalgam,
Role of silver tin copper and zin...
19  cards
L9: gypsum products
Chemical name of of gypsum,
Gypsum is supplied as before mixi...,
Raw gypsum is heated to ___ to pr...
17  cards

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