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Chapter 2: Oral Environment and Patient Considerations
What it the property of a materia...,
What are materials used to recons...,
What is the force applied to comp...
21  cards
Chapter 3: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Dental Materials
What is the hardness and likeliho...,
What is the measure of the weight...,
What is the resistance of a solid...
18  cards
Chapter 1: Introduction to Dental Materials
Making sure that standard precaut...,
Keeping up with regular appointme...,
The way in which something is given
7  cards
Chapter 15: Impression Materials
Positive replicas of the teeth an...,
An impression of the dentition an...,
A detailed impression of the uppe...
26  cards
Chapter 16: Gypsum and Wax Products
Hard replicas of hard and soft ti...,
Casts generally made from dental ...,
Cast generally made from one of t...
14  cards
Chapter 4: General Handling and Safety of Dental Materials
What are extremely small particles,
Gloves masks gowns eyewear and ot...,
What is a cloudlike mist containi...
11  cards
Chapter 5: Principles of Bonding
To connect or fasten items are jo...,
The act of sticking two things to...,
Terms used interchangeably to des...
19  cards
Chapter 10: Dental Amalgam
A mixture of two or more metals,
A reaction that occurs when silve...,
Metallic restorative material com...
14  cards
Chapter 6: Composites, Glass Ionomers, and Compomers
Tooth colored materials that can ...,
Tooth colored materials composed ...,
Thick liquids made up of two or m...
26  cards
Chapter 9: Dental Ceramics
Materials composed of inorganic m...,
Ceramic materials with a silica g...,
Crystalline based ceramics withou...
18  cards
Chapter 14: Dental Cement
Micromechanical retention formed ...,
A thin layer placed on the floor ...,
A thin layer of material placed t...
13  cards
Chapter 11: Casting Metals, Solders, and Wrought Metal Alloys
A solid compound made up of two o...,
Alloy containing at least 60 nobl...,
Alloy composed of nonnoble metals...
18  cards
Chapter 17: Polymers for Prosthetic Dentistry
Long chain high molecular weight ...,
Low molecular weight molecules th...,
The act of forming polymers by ch...
13  cards
Chapter 18: Provisional Restorations
A restoration that temporarily oc...,
The continuous margin that border...,
A restoration that covers all or ...
6  cards
Chapter 8: Teeth Whitening Materials and Procedures
A cosmetic process that uses chem...,
Stains occurring on the tooth sur...,
Stains that are incorporated into...
6  cards

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