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1- History of Dentistry
Characteristics of professional d...,
American detnatl assistants assoc...
30  cards
General Anatomy & Physiology
What is the study of anatomy,
What is physiology,
The skeletal system
44  cards
The Face and Oral Embryology
What are the regions of the face,
The lips,
Oral cavity https quizletcom 4176...
31  cards
types and functions of teeth
Anterior teeth,
Characteristics of tooth is
14  cards
oral mainifestations
Infection and body,
Oral manifestations of biological...,
Common oral biopsy precedures
25  cards
Pioneers in microbiology,
Other pioneers in microbiology,
Major groups of microorganisms
49  cards
medical waste
Medical waste managment,
Dental caries,
Developement of dental caries
29  cards
Oral Health and Nutrition
Patient educationhow to maintain ...,
Early dental care,
30  cards
Instrument Processing and Sterilization
Classification of patient care items,
Personal protective equipmemnt,
The sterilization area should mee...
26  cards
Occupational Health & Safety and Water Lines
Regulatory and advisory agencies,
Centers for disease control and p...,
Government agencies
26  cards
The Dental Office
The dental office envirnment,
Work areadental office should inc...,
Reception area
15  cards
Examination and Treatment Planning
Examination and diagnostic techni...,
The patient record,
Gathering patient information
21  cards
Caring for the Dental Patient
Admitting the patient,
Preparing of your patient,
Preparing the treament area
29  cards
dental instrument
Design of hand instruments,
Classification of dental instrumnets,
The gv black formula
22  cards
Ergonomics in the dental office,
Reaching twisting and stretching
16  cards
Moisture Control
High volume evacuator,
Positioning the hve,
Positioning the hve
24  cards
Pharmacology and Pain Control
Drug identification,
Three names of drugs,
Drugs reference materials
25  cards
Introduction to radiography,
Discovery pf radiation,
Pioneer in dental radiography
26  cards
Dental Film and Processing Procedures
Dental film holders,
Introduction to dental film and p...,
Dental x ray film
35  cards
Intraoral Radiographic Procedures
Full mouth examination,
Intraoral x ray techniques,
Paralleling techniqe
29  cards
Extraoral radiography
Extraoral radiography,
Panoramic radiographs,
The focal trough
13  cards
Restorative and Esthetic Dental Materials
Introduction to restorative mater...,
Standardization of dental materials,
Type of stress and strain
30  cards
Dental Liners, Bases, and Bonding Systems
Cavity preparation,
Dental materials to restore tooth...,
Pulpal responses
27  cards
Impression Materials and Laboratory Materials and Procedures
Dental labortory,
Laboratory rules,
Laboratory safety lab
41  cards
General Dentistry and Matrix Systems
Restorative vs esthetic dentistry,
Cavity preparation,
Restorative procedures
21  cards
Coronal Polishing and Dental Sealants
Dental stains,
Polishing esthetic type restorations,
Types of dental stains
38  cards
Fixed Prosthodontics and Provisional Coverage
Fixed prosyhodotincs indications,
Fixed prosthodontic contraindicat...,
Inlays onlays and procelain veneers
20  cards
Removable Prosthodontics
Chossing a removable prosthesis e...,
Choosing a removable prosthesis i...,
Removable partial denture use ind...
14  cards
Dental Implants and Endodontic Procedures
Dental implants overview,
Preliminary evaluations for implants,
Consent forms
27  cards
Periodontal and Oral Surgery Procedures
Periodontal examintion and charting,
Medical and dental histories,
Medical and dental histories
43  cards
Pediatric and Orthodontic Procedures
Pediatric dentistry speciallizaation,
Pediatric patient,
Patients with special needs
30  cards
Assisting in Emergency Care
Medical emergencies,
Common medical emergencies,
Preparing for emergeniices
17  cards
Financial Management, Dental Insurance, and Skills Marketing
Accounts receivable,
Financial management tasks,
Accounts receivable elements
34  cards
Communication and Practice Management Procedures
Communication overview,
Verbal comminication,
Maslow s hierarchy of needs
38  cards
Calcium hydroxide glass ionomer a...,
Which bacteria would be involved ...
35  cards
tetest questions
A dental specialty in which the d...,
What is a contract that is implem...,
According to some states applying...
73  cards
Oral care is imperative for pregn...,
Many offices keep dental records ...,
How often should the dental assis...
90  cards
tfinal test
Calcium hydroxide glass ionomer a...,
Which bacteria would be involved ...
30  cards

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