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Structure & function
What is the largest vital organ i...,
Systemic disease can manifest on ...,
The skin can be divided into two ...
100  cards
What is strimmers dermatitis,
What is cold urticaria,
What is erysipelas
9  cards
What is disease behaviour,
What is disease,
What is illness
6  cards
Immunology & biochemistry
What factors contribute to the sk...,
Skin is a front line barrier agai...,
Define autoimmunity hypersensitiv...
33  cards
What is superficial fascia compos...,
What is deep fascia composed of,
What is the main function of deep...
24  cards
Drug eruptions
What percentage of drug reactions...,
Drug eruptions are becoming harde...,
Immunologically mediated drug eru...
38  cards
What is photobiology,
Which subset of uv light causes s...,
What is the commonly used skin ph...
24  cards
Virulence factors
Describe the pathogenesis of infe...,
What is virulence,
What are the virulence factors wh...
39  cards
What are the main routes of drug ...,
Which methods of drug administrat...,
What epithelial routes of drug ad...
56  cards
Skin therapeutics & topicals
What are the advantages and disad...,
What is a cream,
What are topical drugs dissolved in
56  cards
What is hyperkeratosis,
What is parakeratosis,
What is acanthosis
39  cards
Microbiology of skin infections
What do staphlococcus look like u...,
Are staphlococcus aerobic or anae...,
What are the two important groups...
75  cards
Viral skin infections
Chickenpox and shingles are both ...,
How does chickenpox present,
How does shingles present
73  cards
Genetics of dermatology
What is a genedermatoses,
What is the earliest cutaneous si...,
Tuberose sclerosis may present as...
42  cards
Pathology of rashes
What are the functions of the skin,
Which types of collagen are found...,
What is the ground substance of t...
54  cards
Clinical features & cases of rash
Which factors cause contribute to...,
Name a few common medications whi...,
What is the most common form of p...
53  cards
Allergy and the skin
What is hypersensitivity,
Explain how hypersensitivity is c...,
What is an allergy reaction
32  cards
What is pruritus,
Where on the the body do we exper...,
How does the sensation of itch occur
21  cards
Skin cancer overview & epidemiology
What are the two categories of sk...,
What cells do the three types of ...,
List the types of skin cancer fro...
42  cards
What is carcinogenesis,
What is cancer,
Which two gene changes are requir...
38  cards
Pathology of pigmented lesions
How can melanomas of odd body sit...,
What is the function of the melan...,
What happens when there are mutat...
49  cards
Pigmented skin lesions
What are the main types of benign...,
What is the difference between ea...,
What are the visual differences b...
35  cards
Pathology of non-pigmented lesions
Give an example of benign premali...,
What is a seborrheic keratosis,
What age group typically presents...
22  cards
Psychology & the skin
What are the five ares where skin...,
Which factors may put a patient a...,
What are the three types of psych...
3  cards
Leg Ulcers
What is the definition of a leg u...,
What are the different types of l...,
How does the prevalence of leg ul...
28  cards
Skin surgery and tumour management
Surgery is a practical skill whic...,
All specimens removed from the bo...,
What are the indications for skin...
41  cards

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