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developmental psych

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Bronfrenbrenner's Ecological Model
Bronfrenbrenner s ecological mode...,
Describe the microsystem,
Describe the mesosystem
5  cards
Stages of Human Development
Embryonic stage,
Germinal stage,
Fetal stage
3  cards
Family Risk Factors
What are the six significant pred...
1  cards
"Nature Versus Nurture" Debate
What is the nature versus nurture...,
What is the gxe interaction,
Discuss the term range of reactio...
8  cards
Genetic Influences on Development
What is the heritability index,
What have studies on the heritabi...,
22 of the 23 pairs of human chrom...
46  cards
Early Physical Development
When is physical development most...,
What kinds of bxs are learned in ...,
What kinds of bxs are learned by ...
26  cards
Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
Cog development involves adaptati...,
What are piaget s 4 stages of cog...,
Describe the sensorimotor stage i...
19  cards
Neo-Piagetian & Info Processing Theories of Cognitive Development
How do neo piagetians differ from...,
Describe information processing t...
2  cards
Vygotsky's Theory of Cognitive Development
How does vygotsky s theory differ...,
On what two levels did vygotsky b...,
What is the zone of proximal deve...
4  cards
Memory in Childhood
Are babies memories lost,
What factors and conditions impac...,
Infants tested at 2 4 6 mos can r...
8  cards
Crying in Infancy
How many distinct cries do infant...,
What kinds of changes do babies c...,
To what is the intensity of physi...
5  cards
Language Acquisition: Stages of Language Development
What are 3 key features of language,
Do children in different cultures...,
What is the sequence of language ...
3  cards
Theories of Language Development
Behavioral theories,
Nativist theories,
Cognitive theories
8  cards
What are the positives of early b...,
Academic performance of bilingual...,
What is code switching
22  cards
Gender Differences in Communication
Women as compared to men are,
Which gender is more likely to in...,
Which gender talks more in terms ...
3  cards
Sleep Problems in Infancy
Odds ends about sleep problems in...,
Who is known for developing popul...,
When are parents encouraged to be...
7  cards
At what age do clear signs of inf...,
What are signs that infants are a...,
Studies that made use of strange ...
38  cards
Peer Relations
Age of infants when they start in...,
At what age do children s interac...,
When do children start to prefer ...
19  cards
Moral Development
Which two researchers proposed th...,
What are the two levels in piaget...,
What is the age range for heteron...
36  cards
Gender Identity Development
To what does gender role identity...,
At what age do children have an e...,
Which has a greater impact on sel...
16  cards
Thomas chess s basic temperament ...,
What do thomas chess propose as a...
17  cards
Freud's Theory of Psychosexual Development
How many stages does freud s mode...,
On what does freud believe a pers...,
What can cause fixation in a stag...
7  cards
Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development
How many stages does erikson s mo...,
Name erikson s 8 stages in order,
What are the ages age ranges that...
3  cards
Parenting & Personality Influence
What 2 dimensions of parenting ha...,
How does the optimal parenting st...,
How many parenting style do the e...
18  cards
Adolescent Personality & Identity Development
Discuss idea that adolescence is ...,
What is the rate of psychological...,
Name marcia s 4 stages of adolesc...
21  cards
Developmental Psychopathology
Studies have shown that psychopat...,
With respect to the origins of ps...,
Give example of similar origins a...
46  cards
What factors affect impact of div...,
How are divorcing parents parenti...,
Divorce gender effects on children
23  cards
Effects of stepparents generally ...,
How do stepfathers tend to be as ...,
What does the buffering effect do...
7  cards
Gay & Lesbian Parents
Is risk of negative development i...,
Do lesbian mothers differ from he...,
How are lesbian and heterosexual ...
7  cards
Maternal Employment & Daycare
What are children of two parent d...,
Does high quality daycare negativ...,
Greater life satisfaction reporte...
11  cards
Father-Child Relationships
How do fathers interactions with ...,
How has children s interaction wi...,
What have studies of nontradition...
3  cards
Sibling Relationships
What is the trajectory of quality...,
When is sibling rivalry most like...,
What do siblings say about their ...
4  cards
Adult Personality Development
How does personality change as a ...,
What are some examples of traits ...,
What are some changes that people...
16  cards
Aging and Intelligence
What effect does aging have on cr...,
What is a consistent finding of r...,
What is the classic aging pattern...
5  cards
Aging and Processing Speed/Attention
What is the most consistent resea...,
Discuss significant differences i...,
What did may and hasher call the ...
5  cards
Aging and Sexuality
What is overall trajectory of sex...,
What is the best predictor of sex...,
What differences did masters john...
6  cards
Death and Dying
When does fear of death usually peak,
What are kubler ross s stages of ...,
What predictable stages doe child...
6  cards
Aging and Memory
How is memory affected by aging o...,
At what age does the brain start ...,
What brain areas seem to be affec...
20  cards
Aging and Wisdom
What is wisdom,
What is the trajectory of wisdom ...,
What is a successful outcome of t...
3  cards

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