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Scientific Method and the System(s) of Earth
Broadly what is the scientific me...,
List the 4 steps in order of the ...,
Based on ______ you will formulat...
31  cards
Feedback Mechanisms
What are feedback mechanisms,
Feedback mechanisms are system en...,
Why do feedback mechanisms partic...
37  cards
Definitions of Minerals
Minerals simply put are the,
What are two examples of material...,
In order for something to be a mi...
11  cards
Atoms and Bonding
Atoms are,
Every atom is made up of ____ dif...,
In the nucleus there are ____ and...
50  cards
Mineral Properties
What are the 7 properties of a mi...,
Different minerals have different...,
What is the luster of a mineral
14  cards
Mineral Families
Scientists need to organize thing...,
Minerals are grouped into familie...,
The four largest families in orde...
12  cards
Igneous Rocks
What are the three main categorie...,
Rocks are solid ______ of minerals,
Rocks are usually made up of
45  cards
Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary rocks are formed from...,
What is sediment,
Any rock that has been broken dow...
74  cards
Metamorphic Rocks
How do metamorphic rocks form,
Metamorphism is,
What can metamorphism change abou...
24  cards
Mechanical Weathering
Is erosion a process,
Is weathering a process,
Weathering is the breakdown of __...
33  cards
Chemical Weathering
In chemical weathering rocks are ...,
What is dissolution,
What is the primary agent that di...
25  cards
Soil is the product of ______,
What is soil the product of,
What makes soil important
22  cards
Erosion and Mass Wasting
_______ is the process that trans...,
Erosion is the process that _____...,
What is erosion
40  cards
Water Cycle and Urbanization
The hydrologic cycles is the cycl...,
Where is most of the water held,
Is the hydrologic cycle a closed ...
10  cards
Surface Water
What is a stream,
A ______ is any flowing liquid bo...,
A stream flows _____ slope
31  cards
Less than ____ percent of all wat...,
About half of all groundwater is ...,
The amount of pore space in a roc...
22  cards
Types of Deserts
In deserts what is the main sourc...,
In glaciers what is the main agen...,
_____ and _____ can be sensitive ...
46  cards
Wind Erosion and Desert Features
Is there flowing water in deserts,
What is the main force agent sour...,
The main erosive mechanism within...
84  cards
Types of Glaciers
Glaciers are classified as,
How are glaciers formed,
Glaciers build up by the gradual ...
28  cards
Glacial Motion and Deposition
The mass balance of a glacier is ...,
What is mass balance,
Net gain is ______ of ice
53  cards
Evidence for Plate Tectonics
What is a fundamental theory of g...,
The first step in the scientific ...,
If a hypothesis passes a ny numbe...
17  cards
Development of Tectonic Theory
What was a major development that...,
Paleomagnetism is the study of __...,
_________ is the study of rock ma...
21  cards
Types of Plate Boundaries
What is another name for plate bo...,
What are the three main types of ...,
What are the sub types of the div...
41  cards
Heat Transfer, Mantle Plumes & Tectonic Cycle
What causes plates to move what d...,
The heat within the earth comes f...,
Energy driving plate tectonics co...
39  cards
Earthquake Intro & Injection Wells
What is an earthquake,
An earthquake is a sudden release...,
Where does the energy powering an...
23  cards
Earthquake Hazards and Predictions
What are the three types of hazards,
______ hazards are the hazards as...,
Primary hazards are associated __...
17  cards
Seismology and Faults
What are seismographs,
Seismographs are instruments used...,
What do seismographs detect and r...
55  cards
Eruption types
What is magma,
Traditionally and typically where...,
What is magma primarily composed of
54  cards
Volcanic Hazards
What are some primary volcanic ha...,
What are some secondary hazards o...,
Secondary hazards are
10  cards
Melting of Rocks and Plutons
In order for a volcanic eruption ...,
Rocks generally melt between ____...,
To under stand volcanism and volc...
20  cards
Relative Age
What are two schools of thought a...,
In the field of thought called __...,
What two ideas did catastophists ...
49  cards
Geologic Time Scale & Age of Earth
______ time puts numbers and date...,
The geologic time scale is a way ...,
The geologic time scale is a visu...
64  cards
Development of Life on Earth
Earths current atmosphere is rich in,
What was earths early atmosphere ...,
What gases are emitted from volca...
86  cards
Major Extinctions
The most recent major extinction ...,
When did the cretaceous tertiary ...,
How long ago did the cretaceous t...
22  cards
Ocean Water and Sea Basins
Oceans cover __ percent of the ea...,
The ____ of ocean water is still ...,
The land on the globe is concentr...
38  cards
Marine Organisms, Ocean Layers, and Surface Currents
What are the three broad categori...,
What are pelagic organisms,
Pelagic organisms are mostly thin...
42  cards
Deep Ocean Currents
What is salinity,
Salinity is how much ______ is in...,
Differences in _____ and _____ cr...
22  cards
Sea Level, Tides, & Waves
Changes in sea level is changes t...,
What two main processes affect se...,
Expansion contraction of ocean wa...
44  cards
Types of Coastlines
Which is the most common type of ...,
Rocky coasts consist of,
The lower bench area of rocky coa...
34  cards
Atmosphere Composition & Layers
What is earths atmosphere compose...,
Air is a mixture of,
What three gases comprise air
37  cards
Humidity & Greenhouse effect
Moisture in the atmosphere is als...,
Water naturally occurs in the atm...,
__________ is required or release...
49  cards
Cloud Formation and Precipitation
What is the adiabatic principle,
As a gas ________ it cools down,
What happens when a gas expands
39  cards

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