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Command Sorm & Organization
What is the administration depart...,
What is the safety department res...,
What is the operations department...
28  cards
First Aid
What are the objectives of first aid,
What are the four methods for con...,
What is a pressure point
29  cards
Occupational & Personal Safety
What is orm,
How many steps in orm,
What are the 5 steps of orm
9  cards
Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare
What is chemical warfare,
What are the types of chemical ag...,
Describe nerve agents
33  cards
Firefighting Fundamentals
What are the responsibilities of ...,
What has the fire triangle been r...,
What is the fire tetrahedron
20  cards
Airfield and Flight Deck Familiarization
Describe what a runway is,
Describe the threshold markings,
Describe the ma 1 series overrun ...
18  cards
Aircraft Handling
Why is aircraft static grounding ...,
What is the proper procedure for ...,
Why is it important to hook the g...
15  cards
Security and Force Protection
What does threatcon apply to,
What does defcon apply to,
What do fpcon conditions apply to
20  cards
(10) Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP)
What is the purpose of the namp,
True or falsethe namp helps to st...,
What does the maintenance officer mo
62  cards
What does natops stand for,
What does natops do,
When was natops established
13  cards
Naval Aviation Heritage
What is significant about 14 nove...,
Who was the first person to takeo...,
What type of aircraft was involve...
20  cards
VR-62 Command History and Heritage
When was fleet logistics support ...,
What was the first aircraft that ...,
Where was vr 62 first located
10  cards
Fundamentals of Flight
Explain the physics of flight,
What are the 3 types of motion,
Explain acceleration
31  cards
What does nalcomis stand for,
What does the nalcomis program do,
True or false ooma resides on a c...
35  cards
Naval Aviation and Platforms
What are the six basic core capab...,
Explain what forward presence is,
Explain what deterrence is
20  cards
Hazardous Material & Hazardous Waste
What is the definition of hazmat,
What is the definition of hazwaste,
True or false it is not everyones...
19  cards
What are the three types of aircr...,
What is a type i maint hangar use...,
O1 o2 level spaces are configured...
17  cards
Phase III - Block I - Airframe
What are some important things to...,
What is considered the mid fusela...,
What is considered the forward fu...
25  cards
Phase III - Block II - Powerplants
Describe the propeller danger area,
Describe the apu exhaust area,
When should personnel wear hearin...
26  cards
Phase III-Block III-Hydraulics
What are some of the hazards asso...,
Why is it bad if the hydraulic fl...,
What is the prime objective of th...
18  cards
Phase III Block IV - Electrical Systems
What are some hazards when dealin...,
What is voltage,
Explain electrical current
12  cards
Phase III - Block V - Electronic Systems
What are the important safety iss...,
What is important safety wise abo...,
What is important safety wise abo...
29  cards
Phase III - Block VI - Aviation Life Support Systems
What is a safety issue related to...,
What should be done before servic...,
What does hero stand for
32  cards
Phase III - Block VII - System Integration
What does the flight station cons...,
What are the flight station crew ...,
What does tac stand for and what ...
12  cards
Phase III - Block VIII - Mission Integration
Who is in charge of the natops pr...,
Explain the term crew rest,
Explain the term crew duty
13  cards

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