edexcel a-level psychology - topic 1

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Agency theory
Define obedience,
Define dissent,
Define agent
13  cards
Social impact theory
Describe the social impact theory,
Source the authority figurestarge...,
What are the strengths of latane ...
7  cards
Milgram’s research into obedience
What was the aim of milgram s ori...,
Who were the participants of milg...,
What was the methodology of
12  cards
Milgram's variation studies (AO1)
What were the 3 variations of mil...,
What were the aims of the 3 varia...,
What were the procedures for the ...
8  cards
Factors affecting obedience
Define situational factors,
Define dispositional factors,
What are the 3 dispositional fact...
17  cards
Social identity theory
Define the term prejudice,
Define the term discrimination,
Describe the social identity theo...
10  cards
Tajfel and Turner's research into prejudice
What was the aim of the minimal g...,
Who were the participants,
What was the methodology of the m...
11  cards
Realistic conflict theory
Define inter group conflict,
Define superordinate goals,
Describe sherif s realistic confl...
8  cards
Factors affecting prejudice
What are the 3 factors that affec...,
How does gender affect prejudice ...,
How does personality affect preju...
20  cards
Classic study - Sherif et al.
What was the aim of sherifs robbe...,
What was the methodology of sheri...,
What were the 3 stages of sherifs...
16  cards
Contemporary study - Burger (2009)
What was the aim of burger s repl...,
Who were the participants of,
What was the methodology of burge...
15  cards
Key Question
What is the social psychology key...,
Define football hooliganism 2 points,
What are the 4 ao1 points in your...
10  cards
Practical Investigation
What was the aim of your social p...,
What was the,
What was the procedure of your so...
7  cards

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edexcel a-level psychology - topic 1

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