edexcel as psychology - cognitive psychology

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Intro to Cognitive Psychology
What is an important difference b...,
What have experimental studies of...,
What is the structure of the brai...
18  cards
Multi-Store Model of Memory - Intro
The model was proposed by,
What are the 3 areas of memory th...,
10  cards
Sensory Register (MSM)
Information comes into the brain ...,
For how long is information held ...,
What is the mode of representation
10  cards
Short-Term Store (MSM)
Mode of representation,
5  cards
Long-Term Store (MSM)
Mode of representation,
What does it mean if information ...
6  cards
Displacement as a Theory of Forgetting
The theory that displacement caus...,
There is a short term store where...,
What is the theory of displacemen...
16  cards
Interference Theory of Forgetting
What is the main idea of interfer...,
How many types of interference ar...,
What are the 2 types of interference
8  cards
Working Memory Model
The working memory model was prop...,
What does the working memory mode...,
What does the system in the stm u...
14  cards
Trace-Decay Theory of Forgetting
Trace decay theory applies to both,
What do memories have,
Without rehearsal what happens to...
14  cards
Working Memory Model - Intro to Components
How many components,
1st component,
2nd component
9  cards
The Central Executive - WMM
Using the idea of information pro...,
What does the central executive d...,
How does the central executive co...
6  cards
Phonological Loop - WMM
What does the phonological loop d...,
How many parts is the phonologica...,
What does the primary acoustic st...
18  cards
Visuospatial Sketchpad - WMM
What does the visuospatial sketch...,
What does the visuospatial sketch...,
What is spatial information
13  cards
Tulving (1972)
What does tulving use to elaborat...,
What is declarative memory,
What did he split declarative mem...
68  cards
Evaluation of Tulving (1972)
There is neurophysiological evide...,
Dickerson eichenbaum 2010 reviewe...,
Tulving gives a lot of detail about
9  cards
Reconstructive Memory - Bartlett 1932
What idea do the msm wmm and tulv...,
How are bartlet s ideas about mem...,
What are memories a reconstructio...
33  cards
Reconstructive Memory - Evaluation (Strengths & Weaknesses)
Evidence for the theory,
Why can the theory be tested by e...,
A story can have features that ca...
11  cards
Wynn & Logie (1998) - Evaluation of Bartlett
Wynn logie discuss,
Despite the story being reduced i...,
What did participants reconstruct...
29  cards
Contemporary Study - Sebastián & Hernández-Gil (2012)
What was the study about,
What part of memory does the stud...,
What did the researchers want to ...
77  cards

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edexcel as psychology - cognitive psychology

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