edexcel business 9-1

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1.1- Enterprise and entrepreneurship
Why do new business ideas come about,
How do new business ideas come about,
What are the risks associated wit...
7  cards
1.2- Spotting a business opportunity
What are the customer needs,
What factors influence customer b...,
What are the methods of market re...
12  cards
1.3- Putting a business idea into practice
What are a businesses aims and ob...,
What is the formula for revenue,
What are examples of fixed costs
16  cards
1.4- Making the business effective
What is limited liability,
What is unlimited liability,
What is a sole trader and what ar...
9  cards
1.5-Understanding external influences on businesses
What are the examples of stakehol...,
What are the different areas of t...,
What activities does a business i...
14  cards
2.1-Growing the Business
What are the ways of internally g...,
What are the ways of externally g...,
What are the advantages and disad...
14  cards
2.2-Making marketing decisions
What is the design mix,
What are the three aspects of the...,
What are the stages of the produc...
11  cards
2.3-Making operational decisions
What is the purpose of business o...,
What are the types of production ...,
What are the impacts of technolog...
15  cards
2.4-Making financial decisions
What are the ways that a business...,
What is the formula for gross profit,
What is the formula for gross pro...
5  cards
2.5-Making human resource decisions
What s the advantages and disadva...,
What are the features of a centra...,
What are the features of a decent...
19  cards
All Formulas
What is the formula for total costs,
What is the formula for break even,
What is the formula for the margi...
12  cards

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