edexcel business studies (theme 3)

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Chapter 44- Corporate Objectives
Business aims,
Mission statements,
Corporate strategy
7  cards
Chapter 45- Theories of Corporate Strategy
Corporate strategy,
Ansoff s matrix,
Market penetration
10  cards
Chapter 46- SWOT Analysis
Internal audit,
External audit,
Why use swot
4  cards
Chapter 47- Impact of External Influences
16  cards
Chapter 48- Growth
Economies of scale,
Internal economies of scale,
External economies of scale
7  cards
Chapter 49- Mergers and Takeovers
Backward vertical integration
10  cards
Chapter 50- Organic Growth
Inorganic growth,
Organic growth,
Methods of growing organically
5  cards
Chapter 51- Reasons for Staying Small
Personal service,
Owner s preference,
Flexibility and efficiency
7  cards
Chapter 52- Quantitative Sales Forecasting
Moving average,
Time series analysis
9  cards
Chapter 53- Investment Appraisal
Investment appraisal,
Capital cost
9  cards
Chapter 54- Decision Trees
Decision tree,
Decision tree features,
Advantages and disadvantages of a...
3  cards
Chapter 55- Critical Path Analysis
Decision making,
Time based management
12  cards
Chapter 56- Corporate Influences
What influences decision making,
Corporate influences,
Corporate culture
11  cards
Chapter 57- Corporate Culture
Advantages to a strong corporate ...,
Strong culture,
Weak culture
11  cards
Chapter 58- Shareholders vs Stakeholders
Internal stakeholders,
External stakeholders
8  cards
Chapter 59- Business Ethics
Animal rights,
Workers in developing countries
15  cards
Chapter 60- Interpretation of Financial Statements
Two financial statements business...,
The statement of comprehensive in...,
Stakeholder interest for sci
13  cards
Chapter 61- Ratio Analysis
Gearing ratio,
What does the gearing ratio show,
Return on capital employed roce
10  cards
Chapter 62- Human Recourses
Labour productivity,
Importance of labour productivity,
Limitations of lp
12  cards
Chapter 63- Causes and Effects of Change
Causes of change,
Changes in organisational size,
Changes in size will affect an or...
7  cards
Chapter 64- Key Factors in Change
What drives change,
The way businesses mange change d...,
Managing resistance to change
5  cards
Chapter 65- Scenario Planning
Scenario planning,
Important steps to scenario planning,
Risk assessment
7  cards

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