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edexcel gcse history: elizabethan england

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Society and Government
What was the social hierarchy of ...,
How was social hierarchy determined,
What was the social hierarchy of ...
14  cards
The Virgin Queen
What was elizabeth i role in poli...,
What is patronage,
Why was parliament important to t...
9  cards
Challenges At Home and From Abroad
How much debt was the crown in wh...,
What was the annual income of the...,
How much debt was owed to antwerp...
18  cards
Religious Settlement
What are the key features of a ro...,
What are the key features of a pr...,
What was the problem elizabeth i ...
18  cards
Challenge To The Religious Settlement
Who was unhappy at elizabeth s re...,
When did dissatisfaction of the r...,
Puritans were happy that elizabet...
22  cards
Puritan Challenge - Formal Assessment
Who was unhappy at elizabeth s re...,
When did dissatisfaction of the r...,
Puritans were happy that elizabet...
15  cards
The Catholic Challenge Abroad
Why were foreign catholic powers ...,
When did the pope excommunicate e...,
When did the religious war in fra...
18  cards
Mary Queen Of Scots
Why was mary queen of scots alway...,
Mary queen of scots and france,
When did francis ii die
17  cards
Plots and Revolts At Home
When was the revolt of the northe...,
Why did the northern earls rebel,
Why did the revolt fail 5
27  cards
Mary Execution and Walsingham Use Of Spies
When was mary queen of scots exec...,
In terms of the threat of spain w...,
In terms of the english catholics...
15  cards
Relation With Spain
What were elizabeth s main foreig...,
What was spain provided with beca...,
Problems english merchants faced
21  cards
Outbreak Of War With Spain 1585-88
Why did elizabeth decide to becom...,
What did elizabeth do instead of ...,
What was agreed under the treaty ...
11  cards
The Armada
Explain why religion was one of t...,
Explain why politics was one of t...,
Explain why provocation was one o...
18  cards
What were the attitudes of education,
How many people went to school,
Why did people think only the ric...
25  cards
What sports did the nobility and ...,
What were the 2 sports the farmer...,
Describe football
12  cards
Elizabethan Poverty
What made you poor,
Types of poor 6,
How did population growth increas...
27  cards
Francis Drake
When did francis drake circumnavi...,
Why did drake circumnavigate the ...,
What was the significance of drak...
10  cards
Walter Raleigh and Virginia
When did elizabeth give raleigh a...,
How many failed attempts to colon...,
What did raleigh need to do
7  cards

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edexcel gcse history: elizabethan england

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