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Variety and Characteristics of Living Organisms
4 types of eukaryotic organisms,
3 differences between plant and a...,
Describe the structure of fungi
12  cards
Cells and Biological Molecules
Define tissue,
Define organ,
Define organ system
36  cards
What type of organisms use photos...,
What type of reaction is photosyn...,
Where does photosynthesis take place
51  cards
What is the purpose of respiration,
What type of reaction is respiration,
When does aerobic respiration tak...
8  cards
Gas Exchange
Define diffusion,
What gas do plants need to take i...,
What gas to plants need to remove...
17  cards
Give 2 reasons why unicellular or...,
What does the phloem transport,
What direction does the phloem tr...
39  cards
What two waste gases do plants pr...,
What is the function of the kidneys,
Describe the general structure of...
19  cards
Coordination and Response
Define homeostasis,
State 3 conditions which need to ...,
What are the 3 main parts to a co...
53  cards
What is the difference between as...,
What is the difference between a ...,
Give one advantage and one disadv...
28  cards
What is the genome,
What is a gamete,
What is a chromosome
45  cards
The Organism in the Environment
Define population,
Define habitat,
Define community
9  cards
Feeding Relationships
What is a producer,
What is a primary consumer,
What is a primary consumer
9  cards
Cycles within Ecosystems and Human Influences on the Environment
Give 3 molecules which are cycled...,
Briefly describe how carbon dioxi...,
Briefly describe how nitrogen is ...
16  cards
Food Production
How can greenhouses and polythene...,
How does increased temperature in...,
How does the continuous supply of...
17  cards
Selective Breeding and Genetic Modification, and Cloning
Describe how selective breeding i...,
What is genetic engineering,
How are new genes introduced into...
9  cards
Food Tests - Practical Skills
Describe how you would prepare a ...,
Describe how you would test for t...,
Describe how you would test for t...
5  cards
Enzymes and Temperature - Practical Skills
Write the word equation for the a...,
How is the rate off amylase activ...,
What is indicated by the iodine s...
7  cards
Enzymes and pH - Practical Skills
How is ph controlled,
How is the rate of enzyme activit...,
How is the presence of starch tested
7  cards
Diffusion and Osmosis - Practical Skills
What is osmosis,
Describe how you would carry out ...,
Why is it necessary to use a cork...
12  cards
Photosynthesis - Practical Skills
What is photosynthesis,
Describe how you would investigat...,
Why is it best to use an led ligh...
8  cards
Energy Content of Food - Practical Skills
What needs to be measured to dete...,
State the formula for calculating...,
Why should the boiling tube be at...
6  cards
Respiring Seeds - Practical Skills
How is the release of heat from r...,
How is the control set up for inv...,
Why are boiled seeds used for the...
6  cards
Gas Exchange in Plants - Practical Skills
What is the function of the hydro...,
What colour is hydrogen carbonate...,
What colour is hydrogen carbonate...
6  cards
Breathing in Humans - Practical Skills
Outline the procedure to investig...,
What is observed when carbon diox...,
Outline the procedure to find the...
3  cards
Transpiration - Practical Skills
What is the function of a potometer,
Which factors affect the rate of ...,
Why must the leafy shoot be cut u...
9  cards
Germination - Practical Skills
State the conditions necessary fo...,
How can the effect of a factor on...,
How is the effect of lack of wate...
6  cards
Estimating Population Size - Practical Skills
How can random coordinates be gen...,
What is a quadratic and how is it...,
What is the formula for estimatin...
5  cards
Distribution and Biodiversity - Practical Skills
How should a field be set up for ...,
How should students decide where ...,
What is the formula for estimatin...
8  cards
Anaerobic Respiration - Practical Skills
State the products of anaerobic r...,
How is the rate of anaerobic resp...,
Why is a layer of oil placed on t...
6  cards
Enzyme Types
Ligase enzyme,
Restriction enzyme,
7  cards
Hormone Types
9  cards

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