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EM Trauma 1 (general trauma)
Remarks on trauma,
In accordance with the principles...,
Specifi injuries that should be i...
27  cards
EM Trauma 2 (Facial trauma)
Descending order of causes of fac...,
Descending order of facial fractures,
3 screening questions in secondar...
33  cards
EM Trauma 3 (abdominal trauma)
Remarks on abdominal trauma,
Mechanism of blunt abdominal trauma,
Remarks on penetrating abdominal ...
7  cards
EM Trauma 4 (head trauma)
Remarks on head trauma,
Lower limit of autoregulation of ...,
In the absence of an icp monitor ...
30  cards
EM Trauma 5 (trauma to extremities)
Most commonly injured vessels in ...,
Hard signs of extremity vascular ...,
Soft signs of extremity vascular ...
14  cards
EM Trauma 6 (Pearls)
Remarks on hypotension in spinal ...,
Remarks on pulmonary trauma,
Remarks on cardiac trauma
24  cards
EM Trauma 7 (MC 1)
Most common location of thoracolu...,
Most common type of fracture in t...,
Most common injury in pelvis frac...
20  cards
EM Trauma 8 (MC 2)
Most common ocular injury after f...,
Most rapidly fatal injury after b...,
2nd most common means of suicide ...
20  cards
EM Trauma 9 (MC 3)
Most common dysrrhtyhmia after bl...,
Most frequently injured abdominal...,
Most frequently injured abdominal...
9  cards
EM Trauma 10 (ATLS 1)
Main components of prehospital ph...,
Things to be done to every injure...,
Injuries identified in the second...
31  cards
EM Trauma 11 (ATLS 2)
Remarks on open pneumothorax,
Remarks on ctt insertion,
Remarks on cardiac tamponade
18  cards
EM Trauma 12 (ATLS 3 - Head Trauma)
Remarks on reticular activating s...,
Remarks on medulla,
Remarks on brainstem
16  cards
EM Trauma 13: Neck
Neck trauma and platysma,
Most common cervical injury,
Leading cause of death from penet...
10  cards
EM Trauma 14: Spine
Remarks on spine fractures,
An patient with an injury at ____...,
Remarks on neck immobilization wh...
19  cards
EM Trauma 15: Genitourinary
Remarks on prostate,
Gold standard for the stable pati...,
Remarks on grading of renal injury
15  cards
EM Trauma 16: Pregnants
0  cards
EM Trauma 17: Elderly
0  cards
EM Trauma 18: Pulmonary
0  cards
EM Trauma 19: Cardiac
0  cards

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