emergency: care and transportation of the sick and injured

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Chapter 4: Communications and Documentation (Flashcards)
Any radio hardware containing a t...,
A low power portable radio that c...,
An assigned frequency or frequenc...
11  cards
Chapter 5: Medical Terminology
Motion of a limb away from the mi...,
Motion of a limb toward the midline,
The front surface of the body the...
34  cards
Chapter 6: The Human Body
The body cavity that contains the...,
The depression on the lateral pel...,
A firm prominence of cartilage th...
47  cards
Chapter 8: Lifting And Moving
A long flat board made of rigid r...,
A branch of medicine concerned wi...,
A rigid stretcher commonly used i...
17  cards
Chapter 9: Patient Assessment
The secondary muscles of respirat...,
Any deviation from alert and orie...,
To listen to sounds within and or...
34  cards
Chapter 17: Neurological Emergencies
The ability to understand and or ...,
A sensation experienced before a ...,
An interruption of blood flow to ...
20  cards
Chapter 21: Toxicology
A state of overwhelming obsession...,
A substance that is used to neutr...,
A severe withdrawal syndrome seen...
21  cards
Chapter 22: Psychiatric Emergencies
The basic activities a person usu...,
A change in the way a person thin...,
How a person functions or acts in...
14  cards
Chapter 26: Soft-Tissue Injuries
Loss or damage of the superficial...,
An injury in which part of the bo...,
An injury in which soft tissue is...
24  cards
Chapter 27: Face and Neck Injuries
The presence of air in the veins ...,
Naturally occurring uneven pupil ...,
A fracture of the orbit or of the...
22  cards
Chapter 28: Head and Spine Injuries
Inability to remember events afte...,
Injuries in which load is applied...,
Usually occur following diffuse i...
26  cards
Chapter 30: Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries
Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries
8  cards
Chapter 31: Orthopaedic Injuries
A simple joint where the bony pro...,
An injury in which part of the bo...,
A pearly white layer of specializ...
31  cards
Chapter 33: Obsttrics and Neonatal Care
Premature separation of the place...,
The fluid filled baglike membrane...,
Describes a condition in which th...
36  cards
Chapter 34: Pediatric Emergencies
Children between ages 12 and 18 y...,
An event that causes unresponsive...,
To turn white
22  cards

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emergency: care and transportation of the sick and injured

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