ems - mechanisms of disease

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Introduction to pathology
Define ana,
Define dys,
Define hyper
15  cards
Repair and Regeneration
What is repair,
What is a labile cell population,
What are stable quiescent cell po...
18  cards
Cell injury and death
Define metaplasia,
Define hypoxia,
Define anoxia
32  cards
Acute inflammation
What kind of bacteria usually cau...,
What are the four cardinal signs ...,
What are the components of the ac...
17  cards
General principles of immune response
What are the components of the in...,
What are the components of the ad...,
What are the main prrs
52  cards
Chronic inflammation
What is the role of inflammation,
What are the dominant cells durin...,
Give examples of primary chronic ...
18  cards
Micro-organisms in disease: infection
What are the requirements for pat...,
What is the chain of infection,
What is virulence and how does it...
23  cards
Introduction and classification of human microbiota
What percentage of cells within t...,
What are the commensal microbiota,
What commensal is commonly found ...
7  cards
Normal microbiota
Define mutualism,
Define neutralism,
Define commensalism
13  cards
Atheroma and thrombosis
What is atherosclerosis,
What are the common risk factors ...,
Describe the pathophysiology unde...
21  cards
Ischaemia, infarction and shock
What is ischaemia and why is it w...,
What is pci for mi
34  cards
Inborn errors of metabolism
What pathology occurs in urea cyc...,
What are the clinical effects of ...,
What is porphyria
9  cards
Newborn screening
What are the wilson and jungner c...,
Which disorders are newborns scre...,
What is phenylketonuria
6  cards
Abnormalities of growth, differentiation and morphogenesis
Give an example of cells that can...,
Give an example of cells that are...,
Give an example of cells that don...
16  cards
Characteristics of tumours
What is histiogenesis,
What is histiogenesis relating to...,
What is differentiation
27  cards
Tumour classification and nomenclature
For benign epithlial tumours what...,
How may benign epithelial tumours...,
How may benign epithelial tumours...
22  cards
What are the categories of human ...,
What is a carcinogen,
What is an initiator
17  cards
Molecular hallmarks of cancer cells
What are caretaker genes,
What is a common feature of most ...,
What are driver mutations
38  cards
Behaviour of tumours
What are the different types of t...,
What is invasion,
What is metastasis
26  cards
Electrolyte homeostasis
What is measured by u es,
Why might a person have abnormal ...,
What is important in the correcti...
23  cards
Acid-base homeostasis
What buffering systems exist with...,
What are the sites of acid base m...,
What would cause a right shift of...
15  cards

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ems - mechanisms of disease

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