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Chapter 1: EMS Systems
1 consists of a team of health ca...,
What are the four ems training li...,
Has very basic training which inc...
39  cards
Chapter 6: The Human Body
1 solid organ located under the r...,
Pressure that blood exerts agains...,
When the left ventricle of heart ...
69  cards
Chapter 8: Lifting & Moving Patients
Long flat boards made of rigid re...,
The device most commonly used to ...,
How many backboards are required ...
3  cards
Quiz #2
What is inhalation,
What is exhalation,
What parts comprise the upper air...
17  cards
Chapter 12: Shock
Describes a state of collapse and...,
The circulation of an adequate am...,
First organ to be affected by lac...
31  cards
Chapter 15: Respiratory Emergencies
0  cards
Block 1 Test
What is cqi,
Why is blood pressure cuff sizing...,
What ages will not have their bp ...
40  cards
Chapter 18: Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
The abdominal cavity is lined by,
Covers all organs,
Covers all organs in the abdomina...
27  cards
Chapter 19: Endocrine Systems
Endocrine system influences nearl...,
A communication system that contr...,
Brain needs glucose and oxygen in...
18  cards
Chapter 20
Small areas of generalized itchin...,
Areas of localized swelling,
High pitched whistling breath on ...
3  cards
Chapter 21: Toxicology
The study of toxic or poisonous s...,
Any substance whose chemical acti...,
A poisonous substance produced by...
5  cards
Quiz #3
Generic vs brand medications,
Routes of administration,
Forms of drugs
26  cards
Quiz 4
A group of specialized cardiac mu...,
One of three divisions of the aut...,
Part of the autonomic nervous sys...
17  cards
Block Test #2
How long does a bee continue to s...,
A medication delivery route throu...,
Narcan noxalone dosage
41  cards
Quiz 5
Oral medication that binds and ab...,
Activated charcoal dosage,
The brand name of the drug hydrom...
13  cards

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