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Chapter 1: Introduction to Emergency Medical Services
Most states require refresher tra...,
Who is accountable for the activi...,
Which is not a role or responsibi...
15  cards
Chapter 2: Well-Being of the EMT
It is important that an emt takes...,
Organisms that cause infection su...,
Equipment and procedures that pro...
39  cards
Chapter 4: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
0  cards
Chapter 5: Medical Terminology
0  cards
Chapter 6: Anatomy and Physiology
0  cards
Chapter 7: Principles of Pathophysiology
0  cards
Chapter 8: Life Span Development
0  cards
Chapter 9: Airway Management
0  cards
Chapter 10: Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
The reduction of breathing to the...,
Signs of inadequate breathing inc...,
A 45 year old is suffering from a...
26  cards
Chapter 11: Scene Size-Up
0  cards
Chapter 12: Primary Assessment
0  cards
Chapter 13: Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices
Which of the following is not a v...,
You should obtain the first vital...,
The vital sign that is least usef...
83  cards
Chapter 14: Principles of Assessment
0  cards
Chapter 15: Secondary Assessment
0  cards
Chapter 16: Reassessment
0  cards
Chapter 17: Communication and Documentation
0  cards
Chapter 18: General Pharmacology
0  cards
Chapter 19: Respiratory Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 20: Cardiac Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 21: Resuscitation
0  cards
Chapter 22: Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
0  cards
Chapter 23: Allergic Reaction
0  cards
Chapter 24: Infectious Diseases and Sepsis
0  cards
Chapter 25: Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 26: Abdominal Emergencies
Pain that originates in the walls...,
The mnemonic used to help remembe...,
Pain that is felt in a place othe...
27  cards
Chapter 27: Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide
A situation in which a person exh...,
The medical condition most likely...,
In which of the following medical...
32  cards
Chapter 28: Hematologic and Renal Emergencies
Blood cells that transport oxygen...,
Blood cells that are critical in ...,
The part of the blood responsible...
34  cards
Chapter 29: Bleeding and Shock
0  cards
Chapter 30: Soft-Tissue Trauma
0  cards
Chapter 31: Chest and Abdominal Trauma
0  cards
Chapter 32: Musculoskeletal Trauma
0  cards
Chapter 33: Trauma to the Head, Neck, and Spine
0  cards
Chapter 34: Multisystem Trauma
0  cards
Chapter 35: Environmental Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 36: Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 37: Emergencies for Patients with Special Challenges
0  cards
Chapter 38: EMS Operations
0  cards
Chapter 39: Hazardous Materials, Multiple-Casualty Incidents, and Incident Management
0  cards
Chapter 40: Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication
0  cards
Chapter 41: EMS Response to Terrorism
0  cards
You have responded to the scene o...,
You have been dispatched for a po...,
You are treating a 6 year old chi...
23  cards
NREMT: Cardiology & Resuscitation
There are two types of valves in ...,
You are called to a minor traffic...,
During cpr compressions should be...
30  cards
DRUG Flash Cards
Activated charcoal,
Oral glucose,
4  cards

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