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Define domestic terrorism,
What tends to be the motivation i...,
What is a consideration when resp...
15  cards
Scene Size-Up
Which of the following is not det...,
At what point is the scene size u...,
At which of the following points ...
6  cards
HazMat, ICS, Mass Casualty,
What agencies developed regulatio...,
An emt responding to a hazmat inc...,
What are desirable characteristic...
19  cards
Gerontology, Patients with Special Challenges
What is important to remember whe...,
When palpating the pulse of an el...,
A diastolic blood pressure over h...
16  cards
What is the purpose of the modern...,
What was the national registry of...,
Why is it important for emts to p...
50  cards
Intro to Emergency Care, The Well-Being of the EMT
What best describes the purpose o...,
In 1966 the national highway safe...,
What was the national registry of...
15  cards
Lifting and Moving Patients, Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues, Medical Terminology
What is an important principle re...,
What is the likely impact of powe...,
What should you do when reaching ...
15  cards
Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Life Span Development
The inside of a persons thigh is ...,
What is another term for the fron...,
The elbow is which aspect to the ...
25  cards
Ventilation, Perfusion, and Shock: Understanding Pathophysiology
The process by which glucose and ...,
Production of energy occurs in wh...,
The movement of ions across the c...
30  cards
Airway Management, Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
The point at which the trachea di...,
Your patient in whom you have ins...,
When suctioning the airway suctio...
15  cards
The Primary Assessment, Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices
What term is defined by the immed...,
Define chief complaint,
Describe an ems providers sixth s...
16  cards
The Secondary Assessment
What is the first step in the rea...,
Hit with a baseball during practi...,
Reassessing and recording finding...
15  cards
Communication and Documentation, General Pharmacology
What agency assigns and licenses ...,
Adult male cardiac arrest the pat...,
What is the correct manner for ma...
15  cards
Respiratory Emergencies, Allergic Reaction
Does the diaphragm relax during i...,
What respiratory rate is consider...,
What respiratory rate should be c...
15  cards
Cardiac Emergencies
Which heart chamber pumps oxygena...,
What would be the result of an ob...,
What is the way in which the hear...
20  cards
Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
What is an action of insulin,
For the reticular activating syst...,
The condition in which there is a...
15  cards
Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies, Abdominal Emergencies
What are the groups most suscepti...,
By definition a systemic poison c...,
What is one of the most common in...
17  cards
Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies, Pediatric Emergencies
Female severe abdominal pain sexu...,
Possible premature labor 8 months...,
Pregnant woman vaginal bleeding 8...
24  cards
Multisystem Trauma, Environmental Emergencies
Define multisystem trauma,
What are some of the most importa...,
What is the glasgow coma score gc...
22  cards
Trauma to the Head, Neck, and Spine, Musculoskeletal Trauma
Which structures connect bone end...,
What allows for smooth movement o...,
Describe compartment syndrome
16  cards

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