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practice exam 1 (EMT)
Ems as we know it today had its o...,
You are transporting a 40 year ol...,
You are treating a man who was as...
41  cards
unit 1 exam
The standards for prehospital eme...,
In relation to the wrist the elbo...,
The official transfer of patient ...
50  cards
unit 2 exam
Which of the following situations...,
Poor peripheral circulation will ...,
A patient who does not respond to...
50  cards
unit 3 exam airway management
Which of the following structures...,
While providing cpap to a patient...,
Central chemoreceptors located in...
50  cards
unit 4 exam
The term pharmacology is most acc...,
This route is the preferred route...,
While assisting a paramedic in th...
40  cards
unit 5 exam
Which of the following techniques...,
You are dispatched to a residence...,
The proper depth of chest compres...
40  cards
unit 6 part 1 exam
Which of the following signs is c...,
You are attending to a 54 year ol...,
A pleural effusion is most accura...
40  cards
unit 6 part 1 retest (heart)
A transient ischemic attack tia o...,
The most basic functions of the b...,
Blood that is ejected from the ri...
28  cards
unit 6 part 2 exam
Which of the following organs lie...,
Urticaria is the medical term for...,
In an apparent suicide attempt a ...
50  cards
unit 7 exam
You are assessing a 59 year old m...,
A 37 year old male was pinned bet...,
Put the following in order for th...
96  cards
unit 8 exam
When assessing or providing care ...,
By the 20th week of pregnancy the...,
The leading cause of death in the...
40  cards
unit 9 exam
You are en route to an emergency ...,
While responding to an emergency ...,
You arrive at an accident scene t...
39  cards
chapter 39 quiz
The jumpstart triage system is in...,
In preparing for a disaster ems s...,
The first step in the start triag...
20  cards
Drug Cards
14  cards
Glasgow Coma Scale
Eye opening 4,
Eye opening 3,
Eye opening 2
15  cards

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