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Chapter 1: EMS Systems
15  cards
Chapter 7: Pharmacology
51  cards
Chaper 12: Medical Overview
Priority transport,
Herpes simplex
21  cards
Chapter 13: Respiratory Emergencies
Co2 retention
64  cards
Chapter 14: Cardiovascular Emergencies
Heart s electrical system,
Two parts of autonomic nervous sy...
32  cards
Chapter 15: Neurologic Emergencies
How many cranial nerves are there,
What environmental factors is the...,
Possible causes of headache
31  cards
Chapter 16: Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
Name the abdominal solid organs,
Name abdominal hollow organs,
Normal adult urine production
43  cards
Chapter 17: Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
The two types of diabetes,
Diabetes meds,
Normal blood glucose
24  cards
Chapter 18: Immunologic Emergencies
What are two types of immune chem...,
11  cards
Chapter 19: Toxicology
Types of toxins,
S s opioids,
S s sympathomimetics
17  cards
Chapter 20: Psychiatric Emergencies
Behavioral crisis,
Psychiatric emergency,
Psychiatric disorder
12  cards
Chapter 21: Gynecologic Emergencies
Vaginal bleeding,
8  cards
Chapter 22: Trauma Overview
Top 5 causes of trauma death,
What is moi,
Index of suspicion
24  cards
Chapter 23: Bleeding
How long can different organs fun...,
What s the most amount of blood l...,
What happens after a blood loss o...
9  cards
Chapter 24: Soft Tissue Injuries
What are the most general categor...,
Stages of wound healing,
What is crush syndrome
27  cards
Chapter 25: Face and Neck Injuries
Principle concern with face and n...,
Tx foreign object in eye,
Tx impaled object in eye
15  cards
Chapter 26: Head and Spinal Injuries
Layers of meninges from outside in,
What s a reflex arc,
Types of skull fx and description
28  cards
Chapter 27: Chest Injuries
Spinal cord injury and ventilatio...,
Difference in onset b w cardiac a...,
Pathophysiology of tension pneumo...
13  cards
Chapter 28: Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries
What s tricky about pain abdomina...,
What s grey turner sign,
What should emt be suspicious for...
9  cards
Chapter 29: Orthopedic Injuries
Splinting objective for long bone fx,
When do we correct a gross deform...,
Tx strains and sprains
24  cards
Chapter 30: Environmental Emergencies
Most common environmental factor ...,
Higher risk populations,
Human factors that determine resp...
27  cards
Chapter 31: Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
How long does the ovum have after...,
What s a bloody show,
Do fetus and mother share the sam...
24  cards

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