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What is mechanical engineering,
What is electrical engineering,
What is aerospace engineering
10  cards
mechanical engineering
What is pascals principle,
What are the 4 main types of pulleys,
How do you increase the speed of ...
5  cards
electrical engineering
How have fossil fuels created opp...,
How have household appliances cre...,
How have integrated circuits crea...
4  cards
aerospace engineering
How have aircrafts created opport...,
How have space vehicles created o...,
How have missiles changed todays ...
4  cards
communications engineering
How have radios created opportuni...,
How have telephones created oppor...,
How have fibre optics created opp...
4  cards
chemical engineering
How have pharmaceuticals created ...,
How have fossil fuels created opp...,
How have food and drinks created ...
4  cards
civil engineering
How have bridges created opportun...,
How have roads created opportunities,
How have railways created opportu...
4  cards
automotive engineering
How have cars created opportunities,
How have motorcycles created oppo...,
How have trains created opportuni...
4  cards
biomedical engineering
How have prosthetics created oppo...,
How have medical devices created ...,
How has radioactivity created opp...
4  cards
software engineering
How have apps on phones created o...,
How have systems created opportun...,
How have computer programmes crea...
4  cards
health and safety
Why is health and safety important,
What does hasawa stand for,
3  cards
si units
1  cards

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