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Ambitious Vocabulary
What does amiable mean,
What does pugnacious,
What does tumultuous mean
30  cards
Bayonet Charge
Who wrote bayonet charge,
What is the opening phrase contai...,
What adjective has a double meani...
23  cards
Who wrote london,
What does the use of i show,
What verb seems purposeless and c...
21  cards
Key Terms Macbeth
Whats an aside,
Whats a soliloquy,
What is symbolism
14  cards
Key Vocabulary Macbeth
Whats meant by autocratic,
Whats meant by hubris,
Whats meant by infanticide
14  cards
Key Quotations in Macbeth
What quotation shows that the wit...,
What quotation shows macbeths bru...,
What quotation shows banquos shoc...
42  cards
Key Vocabulary in Jekyll & Hyde
What is meant by macarb,
What is meant by aberration,
What is meant by abhorrent
29  cards
Key Quotations in Jekyll & Hyde
What quotation shows what enfield...,
What quotation shows that utterso...,
What quotation shows hydes respon...
46  cards
Who wrote remains,
What is the opening line of remai...,
What quotations shows a colloquia...
28  cards
What time phrase is repeated to e...,
What quotation is an ominous remi...,
What does spasms have connotation...
31  cards
Who wrote exposure,
What is the opening line which im...,
What quotation in stanza one show...
30  cards
War Photographer
Who wrote war photographer,
What phrase tells us where he is ...,
What quotation shows that the ree...
24  cards
The Emigree
Who wrote the emigree,
What is the opening line of the p...,
What quotation suggests that the ...
22  cards
Storm on the Island
Who wrote storm on the island,
What is the very strong opening s...,
What is meant by squat sink walls...
19  cards
Who wrote ozymandias,
What is the opening line of the p...,
What does vast trunkless and ston...
17  cards
The Prelude
What quotation represents a happy...,
What word shows that the narrator...,
What quotation shows that the nar...
28  cards
My Last Duchess
Who wrote my last duchess,
What quotation sounds as if he ow...,
Who is fra pandolf
28  cards
Never Let Me Go quotes
What quotation describes the furt...,
What quotation describes the wood...,
What quotation shows their lack o...
33  cards
Never Let Me Go- Language Structure Context
What symbols are there,
What is an example of the use of ...,
What does the use of pathetic fal...
13  cards
Key Language NLMG
What is symbolism,
What is a motif,
What is pathetic fallacy
8  cards
Key Form NLMG
What is meant by dystopian,
What is meant by bildungsroman,
What is meant by science fiction
7  cards
Key Structure NLMG
What is an aside,
What is an exposition,
What is the climax
11  cards
Who wrote kamikaze,
What is kamikaze about,
Whats the context of kamikaze
27  cards
Who wrote tissue,
What is the poem about,
Whats the context
23  cards
What should you compared coltb with,
What should you compare ozymandia...,
What should you compare london with
7  cards

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