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Who wrote War Photographer?

Carol Ann Duffy


What phrase tells us where he is but also hints at the subject matter of his photographs?



What quotation shows that the reels of film are described like soldiers or like rows of war graves and is a paradox that chaos and suffering are reduced to something ordered?

"spools of suffering set out in ordered rows"
also sibilance


What simile shows the seriousness of his work. A solemn act like a funeral mass?

"as though this were a church and he a priest preparing to intone a mass"


What quotation is a quote from the Bible which means that human life is temporary?

"all flesh is grass"


What place names are used in succession of plosive sounds to break the soft mood like gunfire?

"Belfast. Beirut. Phnom Penh."


What quotation is a short, simple sentence that uses monosyllabic words to shows that the soldiers have to put their emotions aside?

"he has a job to do"


What quotation creates irony that he was calm in the face of horrors, but now they affect him?

his hands, which did not tremble then"


What soft sounds contrast strongly with the place names in stanza 1?

"Rural England"


What quotation is a reference to the Vietnam war photo which links to the importance of war photography in order to help end war?

"of running children in a nightmare heat"


What quotation in stanza 3 shows a volta which shows the focus switching to the personal cost of war?

"something is happening"


What quotation shows the focusing on one photo and family, making this person and emphasising the real suffering in war?

"a stranger's features faintly start to twist before his eyes"


What quotation links to the developing photo and also suggests a mutilated body?

"a half-formed ghost"


What quotation emphasises that he has an important role in informing the public of the reality of war?

"to do what someone must"


What quotation is a reminder that this is all happening elsewhere and hints at the lasting impact of war?

"blood stained into foreign dust"


What quotation is an emotive metaphor which describes his photos and seems to solidify the suffering they show?

"a hundred agonies in black and white"


What sibilant and plosive sounds hint at frustration that the photos aren't considered important enough to feature in the main newspaper?

"Sunday's supplement"


What does the verb "prick" suggest?

suggests pain for a short time. Which suggests the readers quickly forget about the photos


What internal rhymes emphasise the short duration of the reader's pain?

"tears" and "beers"


What quotations suggests that he's returning to the war zone and uses kinaesthetic imagery?

"from the aeroplane"


What quotation is ambiguous and refers to the readers not caring about the victims of war or referring to the wider world being apathetic about other's suffering?

"they do not care"


What is the form of War Photographer?

4 stanzas of equal length and regular rhyme scheme. "set out in ordered rows" like the photographer's spools, echoing the care that the photographer takes over his work. Enjambment


What is the structure of War Photographer?

Volta at the start of stanza 3 - when the photographer remembers a specific death. In the final stanza, the focus shifts to the way the photographer's work is received


What are the mood/tone of War Photographer?