english in medicine

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In good health
22  cards
common & anatomical names
Jaw bone,
24  cards
abbreviation (school)
47  cards
unit 3: parts of the body 2
Meaning of hepatitis hepatic,
What does the chest contain,
What are the main parts of rs
17  cards
unit 4: function of the body
What are the 5 senses of human,
What is the function of gait,
What is the function of urine
17  cards
22  cards
unit 5: medical pratitioner
What are the 2 main branches of med,
Nhs stands for,
Who provide a primary care
24  cards
unit 6: medical practitioner 2
Meaning of staff,
What are the 4 main groups of med...,
Who is spr
29  cards
unit 7: nurses
Role of nurse,
Grade of nurse,
Definition of staff nurse
13  cards
unit 8: allied health professionals
What are the 4 groups of allied h...,
N a person trained to work in any...
26  cards
unit 9: hospitals
Meaning of inpatient ip,
Meaning of outpatient op,
Meaning of casualty
15  cards
unit 10: primary care
Meaning of housebound patient,
Nssf stands for,
How can patient see a consultant
12  cards
unit 11: medical education 1
Meaning of professional development,
Meaning of prospectus,
Meaning of pbl
11  cards
unit 12: medical education 2
Meaning of clinical competency,
Meaning of tutor,
Meaning of demonstrator
10  cards
unit 13: the overseas teacher
What are the 4 types of registrat...,
What is the meaning of the word p...,
What is the meaning of the word f...
18  cards
unit 14: symptoms and signs
What is the meaning of the word s...,
What is the meaning of the word sign,
What is the meaning of the word p...
17  cards
unit 15:blood
In the investigation of blood dis...,
A full blood count measures as th...,
What is the meaning of an anaemia...
33  cards

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english in medicine

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