english lit paper 1 - othello, wuthering heights, poetry

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Othello - appearance vs reality
I am not what i am iago 11,
The moor is of free and open natu...,
Men should be what they seem or t...
3  cards
Othello - deception & treachery
Thus do i ever make my fool my pu...,
And goodlieutenant i think you th...,
So will i turn her virtue into pi...
3  cards
Othello - timing
How poor are they that have not p...,
In happy time iago cassio 31,
My lord i would i might entreat y...
3  cards
Othello - jealousy
Oh beware my lord of jealousy it ...,
Trifles light as airare to the je...,
But jealous souls will not be ans...
3  cards
Othello - justice
Villain be sure thou prove my lov...,
It is the cause it is the cause m...,
O perjured woman thou dost stone ...
3  cards
Othello - Oth. quotes
She loved me for the dangers i ha...,
I know iagothy honesty and love d...,
I prithee speak to me as to thy t...
8  cards
Othello - Desdemona quotes
I do perceive here a divided duty 13,
Do not doubt cassio but i will ha...,
I think the sun where he was born...
6  cards
Othello - Iago quotes
I follow him to serve my turn upo...,
If thou canst cuckold him thou do...,
It is thought abroad that twixt m...
5  cards
Othello - Cassio quotes
Tis my breedingthat gives me this...,
An inviting eye and yet methinks ...,
I have very poor and unhappy brai...
4  cards
Othello - Emilia quotes
What he will do with it heaven kn...,
Tis not a year or two shows us a ...,
They are not ever jealous for the...
4  cards
WH - social status & power
And he will be rich and i shall l...,
Catherine unless we are to have c...,
A very dignified person nelly you...
5  cards
WH - sex, passion & desire
If all else perished and he remai...,
It was one of their chief amuseme...,
With a candle dripping over his f...
5  cards
WH & poetry - jealousy, deception & betrayal
0  cards
WH & Poetry - romantic & idealised love
0  cards
WH - marriage & unity
Her spirits were always at high w...,
She looked around for heathcliff ...,
My great miseries in this world h...
5  cards
WH & Poetry - obsession & possession
0  cards
WH & Poetry - loss of love & death
0  cards
WH & Poetry - violence & destruction
0  cards
WH & Poetry - gender (powerful & passive)
0  cards
Who So List - Passion
Faynting i follow,
Sithens in a net i seek to hold t...
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english lit paper 1 - othello, wuthering heights, poetry

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