ocr a level english lit!!

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act by act overview hamlet
learn what happens in each section of the play
8  cards
key quotations hamlet
Hamlet in an aside about claudius...,
Polonius to laertes about being h...,
Marcellus to horatio
25  cards
context hamlet
Elizabethan monarchy 4,
What was denmark like at the time,
Why does the ghost pose a religio...
43  cards
critics hamlet
Ts elliot on hamlet being art,
Ts elliot on hamlets character,
10  cards
Maude Clare
19  cards
A05 Rossetti vs Ibsen
Nora confronts,
Ibsen and marriage,
Simone de beauvoir
19  cards
goblin market rosetti
Imported fruit,
Come buy come buy
20  cards
Winter: My Secret rosetti
Rhyme scheme,
15  cards
context rosetti
Pre raphaelite movement,
Rossetti often
15  cards
No thank you, John rosetti
14  cards
Context adh
When and where was a dolls house ...,
Definition of ibsenite,
What did ibsen say in his notes f...
25  cards
reputation adh
Torvald it d be so painful and,
Torvald no man can be,
Torvald you have d
6  cards
Position of Women adh
When did women earn the right to ...,
Although norwegian women received...,
When did norwegian women win the ...
12  cards
Setting adh
2  cards
misunderstanding adh
Nora and krogstad
1  cards
Symbols adh
The stove,
The lamp,
The door
5  cards
Quotes tht
Touch each others,
Chair sunlight flowers,
Colour of
30  cards
Link texts tht
The colour purple,
The book thief
4  cards
Structure tht
Internal and external story,
Night sections
5  cards
Criticism tht
The writer retains three attributes,
Sappy stand in,
Atwoods feminist concerns
7  cards
Context tht
Christian new right,
Nazism and white rose group,
5  cards
Critics The Road
Erik weilenberg the road,
Andrew o hagan the road,
Alan warner the road
3  cards
Dystopia Quotes
Clockwork orange we can destroy w...,
We knowledge absolutely sure
2  cards
Critics The Road
George monbiot the road,
David isaacs the road,
Isaacs capitalism the road
6  cards
The Road Quotes
If he is not the word of god,
The bleak atmospher is,
The blackness he woke to on those...
12  cards
Context The Road
Climate crisis in the road,
Religion and the road,
Mccarthy and the road
13  cards
THT Critics Quotes
Coral howell on themes of novel tht,
Carol bean on offred tht,
Rebecca stokwisz on ideology tht
4  cards
Critical Interpretations Of Hamlet
The oedia pussy complex hamlet,
Dystopias are societies in,
Dystopian novels are often s
4  cards
Gender roles ADH
Nora when talking about earning m...,
Torvald pet names for nora,
Torvald about his reputation
11  cards
Individual vs. Society ADH
Nora wouldnt,
Torvald talking about his job,
Krogstad talking about his relati...
6  cards
theatre interetations hamlet
David garricks hamlet,
Ayliffs 1925 ophelia,
Oliviers hamlet
9  cards
theatre interetations adh
Chinese 1930s adh,
Dollhouse breuer,
A dolls house 2012 film
3  cards
Historical Notes THT
Historical notes dont by,
Professer pieixoto cracks a joke,
Professor pieixoto closes with po...
3  cards
Rossetti And ADH Context
Middle class were more ibsen,
New prosperity was ibsen,
Ibsen called for writers to
14  cards
minor characters - big slayers hamlet
Why are female roles in hamlet wr...,
Ophelias role in the play is not,
Bradley an element not of deep
18  cards
From The Antique Rossetti
From the antique doubly blank,
From the antique i wish,
From the antique not a body
12  cards
Maude Clare Rossetti
Mcr maude clare was,
Mcr nor i so,
Mcr pale with inward strife
12  cards
No Thank You John
Ntyj i never said,
Ntyj with always,
Ntyj no more no less
10  cards
Thesis Statements For Hamlet
Hamlets battle with his inner,
Hamlet drives a complex plot to seek,
Shakespeares presentations of the...
4  cards
Thesis Statements ADH
Noras character is striking to th...,
Ibsen portrays torvald as an anti...,
Mrs linde shines a light on the q...
4  cards
Wider Reading Hamlet
Tsh does such thing as the,
If we were villains what is more ...,
Rothfuss its not a tragedy
7  cards
Language Analysis Hamlet
12  cards
Thesis Statements Dystopia
The handmaids tale illustrates th...,
In tht atwood highlights the mist...,
Through offred atwood highlights
5  cards
dystopia context
The drowned world is seen as a,
Octavia butler is accredited for ...,
John carey has described dystopia as
30  cards

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