environmental systems

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Environmental Value Systems
Environmental value system defini...,
Case study ddt and silent spring ...,
Case study ddt and silent spring ...
25  cards
Systems and Models
System definition,
Open system definition,
Both matter energy move through e...
17  cards
Energy and Equilibria
What is the first law of thermody...,
What can the principle of conserv...,
What is the second law of thermod...
27  cards
What is sustainability,
What is sustainable development,
What is the millenium ecosystem a...
16  cards
Humans and Pollution
What is pollution,
Pollutants are released by human ...,
What are primary pollutants
31  cards
Species and Populations
What is a species,
What is a population,
What is a habitat
36  cards
Communities and Ecosystems
What is a community,
What is an ecosystem,
What is a tropical rainforest a c...
52  cards
Flows of Energy and Matter
How does energy from the sun trav...,
What is the earths solar constant,
What is the only way that life ca...
83  cards
Biomes, zonation and succession
What is a biome,
What is the biosphere,
How many types of biome are there
96  cards
Investigating ecosystems
What are transects used for,
What is a continuous transect,
What is an interrupted transect
22  cards
An introduction to biodiversity
What is species diversity,
What is genetic diversity,
In order to conserve the maximum ...
17  cards
Origins of Biodiversity
What is speciation,
How can humans speed up speciation,
Name 3 pieces of evidence that su...
25  cards
Threats to Biodiversity
How many species are there in the...,
What proportion of tropical rainf...,
How many species have been descri...
51  cards
Conservation of Biodiversity
The value of biodiversity direct ...,
The value of biodiversity direct ...,
The value of biodiversity indirec...
27  cards
Introduction to Water Systems
What is the water budget,
How much of the earths surface us...,
What percentage of all water is f...
20  cards
Access to Freshwater
How many people live without clea...,
How many children died everyday f...,
What is the daily per capita use ...
17  cards
Aquatic food production systems
Why do marine ecosystems have hig...,
What is the continental shelf,
Why is the continental shelf impo...
33  cards
Water pollution
What is water pollution,
Name 4 sources of freshwater poll...,
What is the impact of oil inorgan...
18  cards
Introduction to soil systems
Name 6 functions of soil,
Soils are made up of 4 main compo...,
What is the function of rock part...
26  cards
Terrestrial food production systems and food choices
Characteristics of subsistence fa...,
What is cash cropping,
Characteristics of commercial far...
43  cards
Soil Degradation and Conservation
Name 4 activities that can lead t...,
When does overgrazing occur and w...,
Where did overgrazing happen on a...
12  cards
Introduction to the Atmosphere
What is the troposphere,
What is the stratosphere,
What are the factors affecting cl...
6  cards
Stratospheric Ozone
Where is ozone found,
What is ozone,
What is the function of stratosph...
20  cards
Photochemical Smog
How many people die prematurely d...,
How much urban air pollution in l...,
How much gdp is lost by air pollu...
24  cards
Acid Deposition
What is acid deposition,
What is the ph of normal unpollut...,
What are the main primary polluta...
25  cards
Energy choices and security
What is energy security,
Give an example of a backlash aga...,
Ukraine russia gas disputes
18  cards
Climate Change - Causes and Impacts
What is the difference between cl...,
Both weather and climate are affe...,
Factors that influence climate ch...
12  cards
Climate change // mitigation and adaption
What does mitigation involve,
Precautions of climate change can...,
Mitigation strategies stabilise o...
9  cards
Resource use in society
What is renewable natural capital,
What is non renewable natural cap...,
What is natural capital
13  cards
Solid Domestic Waste
What is solid domestic waste,
What is sdw production per capita...,
What is waste
28  cards

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