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Intro to Epidemiology
Definition of epidemiology,
Definition of epidemiologist,
Definition of ecological epidemio...
54  cards
Diagnostic Tests
Definition of diagnostic test,
Definition of sensitivity,
Definition of specificity
33  cards
Randomised Control Trial, Analysis And Interpretation
Definition of number needed to treat,
Definition of patient years,
Definition of internal validity
13  cards
Randomised Control Trials, Design And Conduct
Definition of randomised control ...,
Definition of equipoise,
Definition of randomisation bias
21  cards
Cohort Studies
Definition of cross sectional stu...,
Definition of prevalence ratio,
Definition of odds
40  cards
Case Study Design
Definition of a randomized contro...,
Definition of case control studies,
Definition of an observational study
14  cards
Summarizing Data
Definition of quantitative,
Definition of continuous,
Definition of discrete
22  cards
Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Definition of statistical estimation,
Definition of sample point estima...,
Definition of confidence interval
19  cards
T tests
Definition of a paired matched sa...,
Definition of an unpaired indepen...,
Definition of a p value
10  cards
Chi squared tests
Definition of chi squared test,
What is a chi squared testwhat di...,
What is the null hypothesis for t...
12  cards
Significance tests and p values
Definition of a null hypothesis,
Definition of a p value,
Definition of clinical significance
13  cards
Population and Disease
Definition of population pyramids,
Definition of a population census,
Definition of enumeration district
33  cards
Meta Analysis
Definition of meta analysis,
Definition of heterogeneity,
Definition of clinical heterogeneity
38  cards
Definition of screening,
Definition of opportunistic scree...,
Definition of population screening
30  cards
Primary Prevention
Definition of primary prevention,
Definition of secondary prevention,
Definition of tertiary prevention
29  cards
Case Control Studies
Definition of case control studies,
Definition of odds ratio,
Definition of power
58  cards

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