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Learning theory & Beh therapies
3 types of interventions based on...,
Explain counterconditioning,
Reciprocal inhibition
52  cards
Name two memory models,
What are the 3 storage types in t...,
Describe sensory register memory
24  cards
Clinical Psych
Belief that all behavior serves s...,
List the processes and associated...,
Adlerian individual psychology pa...
196  cards
Most traits are trigenic monogeni...,
Farsightedness requires x amount ...,
Heritability estimate
134  cards
Assessment selection placement tr...,
Performance assessments are most ...,
The identification of job perform...
174  cards
Stats/Research Design
Manovas are for how many dvs,
One way anovas are for how many ivs,
Factorial anovas are for how many...
82  cards
You only directly test a hypothes...,
Schemata prototypes and ____ infl...,
More abstract form of schemata kn...
97  cards
Test Construction
Kuder richardson is a measure of,
The coefficient of stability is a...,
The spearman brown formula is use...
5  cards
Deep dyslexia vs surface dyslexia,
Most diagnoses use monothetic or ...,
What is polythetic criteria
94  cards
Practice 1
Loss of sensation to the finger o...,
In a normal distribution what age...,
Briefly describe action potential...
116  cards
Practice 2
Brain lobe for visual perception,
Brain lobe for visuospatial readi...,
Brain lobe for language comprehen...
66  cards
The process of messages passing t...,
Whenever the stimulation received...,
In contrast to the electrical con...
183  cards
Practice 3
For a dx of binge eating there sh...,
As per yalom a group therapist is a,
If wife of an alcoholic is co dep...
82  cards
Produce similar effects to those ...,
Produce similar but less than eff...,
Produce no activity in a cell on ...
60  cards
Practice 4
Studies of sexually explicit movi...,
If you receive a subpoena to test...,
Physical guidance is sometimes ne...
74  cards
_____serves an inhibitory functio...,
_____ is an excitatory nt and is ...,
_____ is linked to attention lear...
101  cards
Practice 5
Key technique for treating agorap...,
As per the central limit theorem ...,
The triarchic theory says intelli...
62  cards
Tests that should be administered...,
Tests that may be administered an...,
Tests that require some technical...
102  cards
Practice 6
Impact on cultural identification...,
The illusion that minority client...,
When a minority therapist assumes...
38  cards
stats/research design
Pearson r is a ______ correlation...,
Biserial is a ______ correlationa...,
Point biserial is a ______ correl...
14  cards

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