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Ethics & Professional Issues
Ethical violations by colleagues,
Client welfare,
Pro bono services
73  cards
Abnormal Psychology DSM-IV (OLD)
Dsm iv tr,
Dsm iv tr categorical approach po...,
Categorical approach
169  cards
EPPP Test Questions
Vicarious liability is most likel...,
Pro bono work is a required by th...,
Your new client is a 37 year old ...
310  cards
Clinical Psychology
Structual drive theory,
125  cards
I/O Psychology
Job analysis,
Methods for conducting a job anal...,
The position analysis questionnai...
141  cards
Statistics & Research Design
Qualitative research,
Quantitative research,
Steps for planning conducting exp...
152  cards
Test Construction
Item difficulty
71  cards
Physio and Psychopharm
Neuron nerve cell,
Neuron action potential,
Neuron all or none principle
124  cards
Psychological Assessment
Norm referenced scores,
Criterion referenced scores
78  cards
Bronfenbrenner s ecological model
106  cards
Learning Theories
Classical conditioning unconditio...,
Forward conditioning,
Backward conditioning
75  cards
Social Psychology
Impresssion formation,
Schematas schemas,
96  cards
TM Questions
11 as defined by campbell stanley...,
12 research looking at the relati...,
13 a 42 year old woman who has ju...
900  cards
TP Questions for More Review
To be consistent with ethical req...,
You have been seeing leticia lope...,
Dr calvin claymore a licensed psy...
671  cards
DSM 5 Abnormal Psychology
Dsm 5 definition of a mental diso...,
Other specified disorder category,
Unspecified disorder category
20  cards
Ethics Questions
You are a psychologist treating a...,
You receive a subpoena requiring ...,
If you believe that your adult cl...
113  cards
Lifespan Development Questions
According to eriksons psychosocia...,
Children raised by parents who ar...,
When performing cognitive tests m...
13  cards
Psychological Assessment Questions
The wais iii subtest which is lea...,
The stroop test is commonly used ...,
The theory that proposes converge...
9  cards
Clinical Psychology Questions
Which of the following would most...,
According to recent outcome studi...,
Which of the following is likely ...
12  cards
Industrial Organizational Psychology Questions
According to holland a highly dif...,
In terms of interviews as selecti...,
In industrial settings administra...
13  cards
Social Psychology Questions
According to self verification th...,
According to the elaboration like...,
The best explanation for group me...
7  cards
Learning Theory & CBT Questions
An individual imagining others en...,
In regard to sensory memory infor...,
An adolescent swearing with frien...
12  cards
Physio & Psychopharm Questions
Deficits in organizational abilit...,
What is the area of the brain in ...,
The phenomenon of cross modal per...
15  cards
Abnormal Psychology (DSM 5) Questions
Of the following the highest rate...,
In schizophrenia haldol is used p...,
The research has shown that in th...
54  cards
Test Construction Questions
Raising the cutoff score on a pre...,
To determine two rater s level of...,
Form a is administered to a group...
5  cards
Stats & Research Design Questions
Cluster sampling involves a rando...,
The risk of sampling error is gre...,
In a positively skewed distributi...
4  cards
Retired Exam 1
1 individuals with moderate menta...,
2 persons who have work related a...,
3 experimental studies of the rel...
18  cards
Retired Exam 2
1 a high lpc leadera treats his l...,
2 from wolpes classical condition...,
3 you receive a letter from the c...
200  cards
Research study requires audio tap...,
Dr dilemma is contacted by an ins...
2  cards

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