eq acvs phase 1

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Ch.1 Shock: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Physiologic Response to Trauma
Major factors affecting blood flow,
Stroke volume is the result of,
Myocardial contractility is defin...
88  cards
Ch.2 Systemic Inflammatory Response
What is sirs,
What is cars,
What occurs in mars mixed anti in...
94  cards
Ch.3 Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid-Base Therapy
The volume of total body water tb...,
The volume of total body water tb...,
Ecf extracellular fluid represent...
90  cards
Ch.4 Hemostasis, Surgical Bleeding, Transfusions
Absorption time of coseal polyeth...,
To what extent does coseal polyet...,
How does polyethylene glycol hydr...
146  cards
Ch.5 Wound Healing
Which wounds are clean clean cont...,
Describe the 3 classes of wounds,
What are the phases of the healin...
76  cards
Ch.6 Metabolism and Nutritional support of the Surgical Patient
How long can a healthy adult hors...,
What triggers lipid mobilisation,
What is the metabolic response to...
48  cards
Ch.7 Surgical Site Infection and the Use of Antimicrobials
What is the reported ssi rate of ...,
How does ssi of fracture repairs ...,
What is the ssi rate for horses u...
142  cards
Ch.8 Regenerative Medicine
What is prp,
The use of prp is based on what c...,
What is responsible for the antim...
41  cards
Ch.9 Instrument Preparation, Antisepsis and Disinfection
How long does staphylococci live ...,
How long can stephylococci and en...,
How should surgical clothing be w...
121  cards
Ch.10 Preparation for Surgery: Decision Making/Operative Risk, Patient, Facility, Operating Team
Number 1 risk factor for increase...,
Target patient prep time,
Aim for duration of procedure inc...
32  cards
Ch.11 Surgical Instruments
Tc tungsten carbide,
Titanium nitride
24  cards
Ch.12 Surgical Techniques
Pressure to be used with suction ...,
Epinephrine to control bleeding dose,
10 buffered formalin dose for ble...
13  cards
Ch.13 Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques
Technical equiptment for computer...,
Endoscope for transvaginal notes ...,
Feed withdrawl for mares undergoi...
15  cards
Ch.14 Cryosurgery
What are the 2 main mechanisms of...,
What ocurs in the immediate mecha...,
What occurs in the delayed mechanism
6  cards
Ch.15 Lasers in Veterinary Surgery
Lasers which have successfully be...,
Wavelength of pulsed dye lasers,
Wavelength of ho yag lasers
20  cards
Ch.16 Suture Materials and Patterns
Relative knot security,
Absorbable suture materials,
Longest absorption time
54  cards
Ch.18 Balanced Inhalation Anaesthesia
Goal of equine anaesthesia,
What is believed to be the cause ...,
What is drug potency represented by
60  cards
Ch.19 Modern Injectable Anaesthesia for Adult Horses
How to induce compromised horses,
Dose of diazepam for induction mm...,
What are the enantiomers of racem...
12  cards
Ch.20 Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Foals
At what age is a foal considered ...,
When can foals be treated as youn...,
On which side is the valve of the...
67  cards
Ch.21 Recovery from Anaesthesia
How long should a horse stay in l...,
Which horses should have there en...,
What is the major determinant of ...
12  cards
Ch.22 Complications of Inhalation Anesthesia and their Management
How does hypothermia affect oxyge...,
How does hypothermia affect drug ...,
At what hr is action taken when h...
28  cards
Ch.23 Chemical Restraint for Standing Procedures
Goal of chemical restraint for st...,
Starting doses for medetomidine a...,
How are the effects of alpha 2 ad...
49  cards
Ch.24 Equine Pain Management
What are the 3 types of pain,
Acute pain is caused by,
How is pain sensation transmitted
24  cards
Ch. 25 Principles of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Horse skin similar to that of dog...,
What path do direct cutaneous art...,
Difference between pigs and horse...
49  cards
Ch. 26 Skin Grafting
What is a pedicle graft,
What is an autograft,
What is an allograft
14  cards
Ch.27Management of Superficial Wounds, Deep and Chronic Wounds, Sinus Tracts, and Fistulas
Which statement is true regarding...,
List the 4 layers of the epidermi...,
What cells are responsible for me...
18  cards
Ch.29 Oral Cavity & Salivary Glands
What system is used in equine den...,
How long is the reserve crown,
What is the short clinical crown ...
16  cards
Ch.30 Oesophagus
Length of the adult oesophagus,
Layers of the oesophagus,
Describe the muscular layer
9  cards
Ch.31 Stomach & Duodenum
Capacity of equine stomach,
Part of stomach to right of midline,
Most caudal part of stomach where...
50  cards
Ch.32 Spleen and Liver
What is the facies intestinal on ...,
What is the spleen suspended by,
Weight of average spleen
42  cards
Ch.35 Jejunum and Ileum
Length of small intestine,
Length of jejunum,
Where is the jejunum located
32  cards
Ch.36 Cecum
Size and capacity of cecum,
What does the base of the cecum h...,
What is the cupula
16  cards
Ch.37 Large Colon
Length of large ecolon,
Average diameter of large colon,
Capacity of large colon
45  cards
Ch.38 Transverse & Small Colon
What is the transverse colon conn...,
How long is the small colon,
Diameter of small colon
8  cards
Ch.39 Rectum and Anus
How long is the rectum in the adu...,
How long is the anal canal in adu...,
The internal anal sphincter is wh...
51  cards
Ch.40 Abdominal Hernias
Difference between inguinal ruptu...,
The deep inguinal ring is formed by,
By what age should a small manual...
63  cards
Ch. 41 Postoperative Care, Complications, and Reoperation of the Colic Patient
Pathological adhesions causing po...,
Repeat laparotomy places horses a...,
Survival rate of horses with adhe...
11  cards
Ch.42 Overview of Upper Airway Function
Maximal oxygen uptake of sb and t...,
Respiratory volume of horse at rest,
Respiratory volume of horse at ex...
38  cards
Ch.44 Nasal Passages and Paranasal Sinuses
Sinus related conditions accompan...,
The sphenopalatine sinuses are in...,
What does the frontal sinus commu...
26  cards
Ch. 45 Pharynx
Where does the nasopharynx attach,
How does the basihyoid movement a...,
Which are the intrinsic and extri...
37  cards
Ch.46 Larynx
Cartilages of the larynx,
What inserts on the muscular proc...,
What cartilage are the thyroid cr...
41  cards
Ch.47 Guttural Pouch
What separates the guttural pouch...,
Capacity of the guttural pouches,
Important structures in the media...
9  cards
Ch.48 Trachea
How long is the trachea,
How many cartilage rings in the t...,
How far does the trachea extend
18  cards
Ch.49 Thoracic Disorders
What are the landmarks to trace t...,
What comprises the pleural fluid,
Where is the pleural space located
8  cards
Ch. 56 Surgery of the Globe and Orbit
A akinesia of the eyelids can be ...,
The periosteum that lines the orb...,
The orbital fascia allows precise...
5  cards
Ch.59 Intraocular Surgery
What of horses with eru lose visi...,
Prevelance of eru in usa vs uk,
Eru is characterised by
11  cards
Ch.60 Testis
What layer is the tunica darts wh...,
Average weight of a testicle,
What subdivides the parenchyma in...
17  cards
Ch.61 Penis and Prepuce
Where does the penis originate,
What is responsible for erection ...,
What forms the glans of the penis
22  cards
Ch.62 Vulva, Vestibule, Vagina and Cervix
Where should the ventral composur...,
How much of the vulval cleft shou...,
The vulva should be no more than ...
13  cards
Ch.63 Uterus and Ovaries
What size are the mare s ovaries,
Where can the ovulation fossa be ...,
What attaches to the dorsal borde...
10  cards
Ch.65 Kidneys and Ureters
Weight of average kidney,
Size of right and left kidney,
Blood supply to kidneys
17  cards
Ch.66 Bladder
Capacity of the bladder,
The round ligs of the bladder are...,
Muscle layers of the bladder
8  cards
Ch.67 Urethra
The bulbospongiosum is a continua...,
Function of bulbospongiosum,
The urethralis m is continuous wi...
6  cards
Ch.73 Diagnostic & regional Anaesthesia of the Limbs & Axial Skeleton
Which are non myelinated c fibers...,
How do local anaesthetics block n...,
What are the first nerve fibres b...
33  cards
Ch. 74 Bone Biology and Fracture Healing
A the resting zone contains the l...,
A the epiphysis metaphysis and cu...,
Which of the following statements...
23  cards
Ch.78 Bone Grafts and Bone Replacements
How can bone grafts be treated to...,
What is a xenograft,
What is an orthotopic graft
28  cards
Ch.85 Biology and Management of Muscle Disorders and Diseases
3 types of muscles,
Which muscle type is most abundant,
Body weight is skeletal muscle
21  cards
Ch.86 Synovial and Osseous Infection
Antimicrobial impregnated pop can...,
Epidural catheter dose of morphin...,
Rate of complications using a 22g...
14  cards
Ch.89 Osteochondrosis Dissecans
What is dod and what diseases are...,
What is oc latens,
What is oc manifesta
17  cards
Ch.90 Subchonral Cystic Lesions
Subchondral bone cysts were origi...,
Research in pigs and horses indic...,
How does trauma cause ocd lesions
4  cards
Ch.92 Phalanges and the Metacarpo/Metatarsophalangeal joints
What stabilises the pipj,
What is the palmar plantar scutum
2  cards
CH.93/94 Third Metacarpal and Metatarsal Bones, Vestigial MC & MT Bones
Which splint bones have major wei...,
Which splint bones serve as impor...,
Which is rounder and longer mtiii...
7  cards
CH.95 Carpus
Which joints always communicate i...,
Proximal row of carpus,
Distal row of carpus
8  cards
Ch.96 Radius & Ulna
Function of triceps ins on olecranon,
Where does the olecranon have a c...,
What mm insert of the radius
6  cards
Ch.97 Humerus
Where is the bicipital bursa,
What forms the inter tubercular g...,
What tendon glides over the tuber...
17  cards
Ch.99/Ch.100 Tarsus, Tibia
What fills the tibial crest,
What can be mistaken for fibular ...,
What are the 2 types of unstable ...
19  cards
Ch.101 Stifle
Communication between mft and lft,
Volume of medial ftj,
Volume of lateral ftj
9  cards
Ch.103/Ch.104 Temporomandibular Joint Diorders, Craniomaxillofacial Disorders
What is unique about the cartilag...,
The incongruence between the shap...,
Components of the tmj
12  cards
Ch. 75 Metallic Instruments and Implants
The suffix letters a b or c defin...,
Ph stainless steels are used for ...,
3  cards
Ch. 77 Principles of Fracture Treatment
2  cards
Blood supply to GI tract
11  cards
1  cards

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