esa 4 - head and neck

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How many layers does the scalp co...,
Which of the layers of the scalp ...,
What is the result of the first t...
61  cards
Development of Midline Structures
Where does the pituitary gland sit,
What is the pituitary gland made ...,
What is the anterior lobe of the ...
88  cards
Pathology Of The Pharynx
What can happen when the pharynge...,
Why can adenoids harbour infection,
What is the result of the adenoid...
35  cards
What are the phases of swallowing,
Is the oral phase of swallowing v...,
What does the oral phase of swall...
25  cards
Where is the larynx,
What vertebral level is the phary...,
What are the functions of the larynx
99  cards
General Organisation of Head and Neck
What does the head consist of,
What is true of many of the struc...,
What are the structure of the hea...
172  cards
Osteology of Skull and Cervical Spine
What are the categories of cervic...,
What does wether a cervical verte...,
What are the atypical cervical ve...
170  cards
Development of the Head and Neck 1
What does the fetal skull have th...,
What are fontanelles,
When will the fontanelles be fused
115  cards
Formation of Lymph
Describe the starlings forces at ...,
What is the result of the hydrost...,
What is the function of the movem...
29  cards
Arterial Supply of Head and Neck
What does the arterial supply of ...,
What arises from the brachiocepha...,
What do the subclavian arteries g...
77  cards
Lymphatics of the Head and Neck
What is the lymphatic system,
What does the lymphatic system co...,
What are the lymphatic tissues
64  cards
Pulses of the Head and Neck
What can the jvp be used to do,
Give two examples of where jvp ca...,
What are the two types of jvp
21  cards
Venous Drainage of Head and Neck
Where to the veins draining the h...,
Are there distinct fascial layers...,
Where does the facial vein run
41  cards
Cranial Nerves
What does the brainstem adjoin,
What are the parts of the brainstem,
Is the medulla functionally that ...
153  cards
Anatomy of the Orbit, Eye, and Lacrimal Apparatus
What is the orbit,
What does the orbit contain and p...,
What nerve does the orbit contain
85  cards
Muscles of the Eye
How many muscles control the move...,
What are the categories of muscle...,
What do all the recti muscles of ...
36  cards
Clinical Pathologies of the Eye, Orbit, and Associated Stuctures
What is the most common orbital w...,
How can the floor of the orbit fr...,
What is a fracture of the orbital...
57  cards
Autonomic Innervation of the Head and Neck
What is the autonomic nervous sys...,
Does the autonomic nervous system...,
Where does the central control of...
72  cards
Anatomy of the Ear
What is the ear,
Where is the ear found,
What does the ear constitute
97  cards
Pathology of the Ear
Who are conditions affecting the ...,
What are the symptoms of ear disease,
What are the types of hearing loss
54  cards
Anatomy of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
What are the vital functions of t...,
How does the nose remove particle...,
Why does the nose and nasal cavit...
61  cards
Pathology of Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
What is the medial wall of the na...,
What does the nasal septum consis...,
What does the septal cartilage re...
67  cards
Anatomy of Oral Cavity and Tongue
What are the boundaries of the or...,
What is the roof of the oral cavi...,
What is the hard palate formed by
73  cards
Temporomandibular Joint
What is the temporomandibular joint,
What are the articulations of the...,
What does the articular disc of t...
34  cards
Infratemporal Fossa
What is the infratemporal fossa,
Where is the infratemporal fossa ...,
What are the borders of the infra...
25  cards
Development of the Face
What is the first evidence of the...,
What is the stomadaeum,
What is the stomadauem the site of
70  cards
Thyroid Gland
What is the thyroid gland,
Where is the thyroid gland located,
What is the thyroid gland divided...
38  cards
Hyoid Muscles
What are the categories of hyoid ...,
What are the infrahyoid muscles,
What can the infrahyoid muscles b...
60  cards
Anatomy of Pharynx
What is the pharynx,
What does the pharynx arise from,
56  cards
Pathology of the Larynx
What is the cardinal symptom of l...,
What are the benign causes of voi...,
What must always be done when som...
28  cards

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