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Mind, Body and Soul - Key Words
Define dualism,
Define monism,
Define materialism
7  cards
Mind, Body and Soul - Everything
Recommended to look at the textbook when studying this, to really understand how to write.
25  cards
Existence of God - Based on Observation - Key Words
Teleological argument,
Final cause,
Design argument
15  cards
Existence of God - Based on Observation
What is aquinas fifth of the five...,
Quote aquinas in his fifth way,
What is aquinas example of the ar...
23  cards
Existence of God - Based on Observation Part 2
William temples objection to aqui...,
What is gottfried willhelm leibni...,
How does voltaire oppose leibniz ...
11  cards
Existence of God - Based on Reason - Key Words
Define a priori,
Define the ontological argument,
Define contradiction
6  cards
Existence of God - Based on Reason
What was st anselm s motto about god,
How does anselm argue the existen...,
What is anselm s analogy of the p...
18  cards
The Problem of Evil - Key Words
Moral evil,
Non moral evil,
14  cards
The Problem of Evil
Is evil a theoretical problem,
What is moral evil,
What is non moral evil
31  cards
The Problem of Evil Set 2
What is central to hicks theodicy,
What does hick think about natura...,
What is the instrumental good for...
24  cards
Utilitarianism - AO1
All your base knowledge and quotes for Utilitarianism
21  cards
Utilitarianism - AO2
What are some strengths of utilit...,
What is the primary issue with ut...,
Why might some people question wh...
20  cards
Situation Ethics - AO1
Who s thoughts had joseph fletche...,
Quote william temple on the idea ...,
What type of theory is situation ...
19  cards
Situation Ethics - AO2
What is the strength and weakness...,
What does fletcher believe about ...,
What is anthony o hears objection
18  cards
Natural Law - Key Terms
Deontological theory,
Teleological theory,
Eternal law
14  cards
Natural Law - AO1
What is natural law,
What would peschke say about natu...,
What is eternal law
31  cards
Natural Law - AO2
What would john calvin say about ...,
What would be bernice hamiltons o...,
What is the most significant argu...
19  cards
Kantian Ethics - AO1
What did kant think true enlighte...,
Quote kant on reason and morality,
What is duty to kant
25  cards
Kantian Ethics - AO2
Is kants theory consequentialist,
Is kants theory universal,
Does kant s theory lack clarity
25  cards
Kantian Ethics - Key Words
A priori,
10  cards
Euthanasia Key Words
Persistent vegetative state pvs,
Palliative care,
5  cards
Euthanasia - Pt 1
What is voluntary euthanasia,
What is passive euthanasia,
What is non voluntary euthanasia
34  cards
Death and the Afterlife Pt 1
What are the implications of jesu...,
What did jesus teaching contain,
Quote mark on the kingdom of god ...
32  cards
Death and the Afterlife Pt 2
How is hell shown as a spiritual ...,
How is hell shown through conscience,
What is the traditional view of hell
30  cards
Death and the Afterlife Pt 3
Quote john calvin on calvinism in...,
What type of election does calvin...,
What does calvinism refer to doub...
12  cards
Death and the Afterlife Key Words
What is parousia,
What is an eschatology
18  cards
Euthanasia - Pt 2
What is the moor case and what do...,
What do consequentialists conside...,
What is the example of the doctor...
23  cards
Euthanasia Key Words
Assisted suicide,
Physician aided suicide
5  cards
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
What led to bonhoeffer to study t...,
What was bonhoeffers thinking at ...,
How did bonhoeffers thinking deve...
29  cards
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Part 2
What is cheap and costly grace fo...,
Why did bonhoeffer believe christ...,
How is suffering a vital part of ...
14  cards
Business Ethics
What is the sin of usury,
What was the ethical issues of th...,
What were reforms made during the...
27  cards
Business Ethics (2)
What is whistle blowing,
Why might people not whistle blow,
Is loyalty a virtue in the case o...
30  cards
Sexual Ethics (1)
What case of using sex as power d...,
How is marriage linked to sexual ...,
What are aquinas and augustines p...
27  cards
Sexual Ethics (2)
What is the broad view of traditi...,
What does the traditional view of...,
What does the traditional view of...
33  cards
Sexual Ethics (3) - Application of Ethical Theories
Broad aim of natural law and its ...,
How does natural laws divine law ...,
How does
30  cards

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