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Preference Utilitarianism
Who are the two main advocates,
What does it say a morally right ...,
Why do preference utilitarians th...
9  cards
Situation Ethics
List some of the cultural and soc...,
What was the name of the book in ...,
What is a man come of age
79  cards
Describe jeremy bentham,
Give some of the foundations behi...,
What does it mean when we say uti...
29  cards
Negative Utilitarianism
What is negative utilitarianism,
Name a prominent contemporary neg...,
What is an odd consequence of ado...
7  cards
Ideal Utilitarianism
Who historically advocated for it,
What do ideal utilitarians believe,
What puts this philosophy in dire...
3  cards
Context for natural moral law
What is absolutism,
What is relativism,
What is cultural relativism
23  cards
Aquinas' natural law theory
What is purpose,
What is reason,
What is a precept
39  cards
Imageo Dei (Natural moral law)
What does imageo dei mean,
State genesis 2 7,
What is making in the philosophic...
22  cards
Evaluating natural moral law
With what type of ethical theory ...,
What is the benefit of nml provid...,
How does nml encourage us to be m...
21  cards
Contemporary applications and adaptations of NML
Who is the ethical theory of prop...,
What is proportionalism often see...,
Give a quote from hoose that summ...
18  cards
Strengths of NML
How can it be seen as rational,
Why doesn t it rely on a belief i...,
How can it be seen as objective
14  cards
Weaknesses of NML
How can it be seen as too simplistic,
Why do many argue that it does ac...,
What is the main practical issue ...
16  cards
War and peace
Define war,
What makes war such an important ...,
How do scholars decide whether a ...
9  cards
Jus ad bellum
List the 7 jus ad bellum criteria,
What does just cause mean,
What does just authority mean
35  cards
Jus in Bello
What are the two main jus in bell...,
What is the principle of proporti...,
Give an example of a war followin...
8  cards
Jus post Bellum
What did niebuhr claim was the pr...,
What did the allies do to prevent...,
How did the us and uk fail to car...
12  cards
The Bible and war
Describe what war was like in the ot,
Describe the nt concept of war,
State romans 12 21
31  cards
Define pacifism,
Define absolute pacifism,
Relative pacifism
19  cards
Secular concepts of equality
Why may it not be desirable for e...,
What is the passive approach to t...,
List the 4 different types of equ...
9  cards
Religious concepts of equality
Why can the religion be seen as a...,
State galatians 3 28,
Why can it be argued that religio...
11  cards
Gender equality
Give de beauvoir s most famous qu...,
Explain de beauvoir s assertion t...,
Explain de beauvoir s idea of pat...
20  cards
Racial equality
What was the impact of king s chr...,
What inspired king to create the ...,
What did king use the southern ch...
26  cards
Disability equality
What disability does tada suffer ...,
What has tada done since her injury,
What is a theodicy
26  cards
Areas of debate (Equality)
Why do some people disagree with ...,
Why some people disagree with the...,
What is the downside of combative...
11  cards
Meta Ethics
What does meta ethics literally mean,
What is normative ethics concerne...,
What is meta ethics concerned with
81  cards
Virtue ethics
Which two figures developed it,
How can it be seen as culturally ...,
What statelet did p and a belong ...
116  cards
Give a fact to illustrate the inf...,
What did k think humans could do,
What cultural movement at the tim...
79  cards
Ethical language
What does meta ethics mean,
Explain the difference between me...,
What is the fundamental concern o...
106  cards
Sexual ethics
What is sexual ethics,
What areas of sexual activity doe...,
What is premarital sex
8  cards

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