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Ch 1 Ethics Expectations
The support for business and busi...,
It is unlikely that businesses or...,
What does authenticity mean
54  cards
Ch 2 Ethics and Governance Scandals
What is the typical pattern assoc...,
What was at the heart of the enro...,
What was at the heart of arthur a...
102  cards
Ch 5 Corporate Ethical Governance and Accountability
How could you monitor compliance ...,
What are key elements of a whistl...,
Can an organization guarantee an ...
24  cards
Ch 2 WorldCom
What went wrong at worldcom,
What went right at worldcom,
What was learned in the aftermath...
31  cards
Ch 4 Ethical Paradigms and Foundations
Give an example of something ethi...,
Give an example of something lega...,
According to our authors the firs...
52  cards
Ch 4 Practical Ethical Decision Making
Who is the face of egoism,
Who is the face of utilitarianism,
Who is the face of deontology
30  cards
Class 15 Integrating Values w/ Actions in the Workplace
What was the financial reporting ...,
What did the original auditors th...,
What did the cfo think molex shou...
12  cards
Class 16 International Operations
What case is parmalat similar to,
As parmalat expanded how did debt...,
What type of business is parmalat
29  cards
Class 17: Texaco and BP
On september 1996 lundwall turns ...,
How did texaco respond,
What six steps did texaco take to...
20  cards
Class 18 Keeping the Profession Professional
Which of the following is an esse...,
True or false one source of ethic...,
Are codes of conduct a source of ...
27  cards
Class 19 Ethically Managing Ethics Risks
What are the key facts of the to ...,
What are jane s choices if nobody...,
What are the issues in the dilemm...
3  cards
Class 20 Ethical Considerations in Managerial Accounting
What is the key issue in the ford...,
What was the problem with the pinto,
What were possible solutions to f...
18  cards
What is cognitive dissonance,
Why do good smart people do bad t...,
Give an example of drift
38  cards

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