faa private pilot knowledge test

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1.1: The Airplane and Flight Controls
What are the basic components of ...,
What is the function of the nose ...,
What are the classifications of l...
32  cards
1.2: Aerodynamic Forces
The four aerodynamic forces actin...,
When the airplane is in steady un...,
What is lift
20  cards
1.3: Angle of Attack
Refer to figure 1 the acute angle...,
The term angle of attack is defin...,
The angle between the chord line ...
4  cards
1.4: Stalls
As altitude increases the indicat...
1  cards
1.5 Spins
What is a spin,
What are the phases of a spin,
What is the general technique for...
5  cards
1.6: Ground Effect
What effect can frost have on an ...,
What may result from ground effec...,
What may result from ground effec...
13  cards
1.7: Properties of a Turn
What force makes an airplane turn...,
What is adverse yaw,
What is the effect of adverse yaw
3  cards
1.8: Airplane Stability
An airplane said to be inherently...,
Changes in the center of pressure...,
Loading an airplane to the most a...
8  cards
1.9: Turning Tendencies
In what flight condition are torq...,
The left turning tendency of an a...,
When does p factor cause the airp...
3  cards
1.10: Load Factor
Aircraft in the normal category h...,
Aircraft in the utility category ...,
Aircraft in the acrobatic categor...
10  cards
1:11: Velocity versus G Loads
In smooth air and with wings leve...,
Structural damage or failure is m...,
Limit load factor is the ratio of...
11  cards
2.1: The Magnetic Compass
During flight when can a magnetic...,
What is compass deviation,
In the northern hemisphere what a...
17  cards
2.2 Pitot-Static System
The pitot static system is a sour...,
If only the pitot tube is clogged...,
If the pitot tube and outside sta...
5  cards
2.3: Airspeed Indicator
What is an important airspeed lim...,
What does the red line on an airs...,
Refer to figure 4 airspeed indica...
27  cards
2.4: Altimeter
What is the function of the altim...,
What is agl,
What is absolute altitude
19  cards
2.8: Gyroscopic Instruments
A turn coordinator provides and i...,
To receive accurate indications d...,
The proper adjustment to make on ...
4  cards
2.9: Glass Cockpits
What is a benefit of flying with ...,
What steps must be taken when fly...,
An aircraft which is equipped wit...
4  cards
2.10: Engine Temperature
An abnormally high engine oil tem...,
Excessively high engine temperatu...,
Excessively high engine temperatu...
7  cards
2.11: Constant-Speed Propeller
How is engine operation controlle...,
A precaution for the operation of...,
What is an advantage of a constan...
3  cards
2.12: Engine Ignition Systems
One purpose of the dual ignition ...,
If the ignition switch ground wir...,
The reason a 4 cylinder reciproca...
3  cards
2.13: Carburetor Icing
With regard to carburetor ice flo...,
Which condition is most favorable...,
The possibility of carburetor ici...
7  cards
2.14: Carburetor Heat
Generally speaking the use of car...,
Applying carburetor heat will,
What change occurs in the fuel ai...
3  cards
2.15: Fuel/Air Mixture
During the run up at a high eleva...,
The basic purpose of adjusting th...,
While cruising at 9 500 feet msl ...
4  cards
2.16: Abnormal Combustion
Detonation occurs in a reciprocat...,
Detonation may occur at high powe...,
If a pilot suspects that the engi...
5  cards
2.17: Aviation Fuel Practices
What type fuel can be substituted...,
Filling the fuel tanks after the ...,
To properly purge water from the ...
5  cards
2.18: Engine Starting
What should be the first action a...,
Should it become necessary to han...
2  cards
2.19: Cold Weather Starting
During preflight in cold weather ...
1  cards
2.20: Electrical System
An electrical system failure batt...,
A positive indication on an ammeter,
To keep a battery charged the alt...
4  cards
3.1: Airport Markings
The numbers 8 and 26 on the appro...,
Refer to figure 48 according to t...,
Refer to figure 48 what is the di...
6  cards
3.2: Airport Signs
Refer to figure 65 which sign is ...,
Refer to figure 65 which sign ide...,
Refer to figure 65 refer to e thi...
13  cards
3.3: Airport Lighting and Rotating Beacons
A lighted heliport may be identif...,
A military air station can be ide...,
An airports rotating beacon opera...
6  cards
3.4: Airport Traffic Patterns
Refer to figure 49 if the wind is...,
Refer to figure 49 the arrows tha...,
Refer to figure 49 select the pro...
9  cards
3.5: Visual Glide Slope Indicators
When approaching to land on a run...,
A below glide slope indication fr...,
While operating in class d airspa...
10  cards
3.6: Wake Turbulence
Wingtip vortices created by large...,
Wingtip vortices are created only...,
Refer to figure 48 with winds rep...
11  cards
3.7: Collision Avoidance and ADS-B
During a night flight you observe...,
During a night flight you observe...,
During a night flight you observe...
19  cards
3.8: ATIS and ATC Communications
After landing at a tower controll...,
If instructed by ground control t...,
Automatic terminal information se...
4  cards
3.9: Airspace
When a control tower located on a...,
A non tower satellite airport wit...,
The lateral dimensions of class d...
42  cards
3.10: Terminal Radar Services
Trsa service in the terminal rada...,
From whom should a departing vfr ...,
Basic radar service in the termin...
3  cards
3.11: Transponders and Transponder Codes
If air traffic control advises th...,
When making routine transponder c...,
When making routine transponder c...
11  cards
3.12: Radio Phraseology
When flying hawk n666cb the prope...,
The correct method of stating 4 5...,
The correct method of stating 10 ...
4  cards
3.13: ATC Traffic Advisories
Atc advises traffic 12 oclock thi...,
An atc radar facility issues the ...,
An atc radar facility issues the ...
5  cards
3.14: ATC Light Signals
While on final approach for landi...,
If the aircrafts radio fails what...,
A steady green light signal direc...
7  cards
3.15: Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)
When activated an emergency locat...
1  cards
3.16: Emergency Radio Frequency
While on a vfr cross country and ...
1  cards
3.17: Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO)
Who should not participate in the...,
Who has final authority to accept...,
Who has final authority to accept...
8  cards
4.1: 14 CFR Part 1: Definitions and Abbreviations
With respect to the certification...,
With respect to the certification...,
The definition of nighttime is
13  cards
4.2: 14 CFR Part 21: Certification Procedures for Products and Articles
How long does the airworthiness c...
1  cards
4.3: 14 CFR Part 39: Airworthiness Directives
What should an owner or operator ...,
May a pilot operate an aircraft t...
2  cards
4.4: 14 CFR Part 43: Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration
What regulation allows a private ...,
Who may perform preventive mainte...,
When preventive maintenance is pe...
6  cards
4.5: 14 CFR Part 47: Aircraft Registration
Is it legal to fly on the dealers...
1  cards
4.6: 14 CFR Part 61: Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors
When must a current pilot certifi...,
A recreational or private pilot a...,
What document s must be in your p...
39  cards
4.8: 14 CFR Part 91: General Operating and Flight Rules -- 91.3-91.151
The final authority as to the ope...,
Who is responsible for determinin...,
You are pic of a flight during yo...
52  cards
4.9: 14 CFR Part 91: General Operating and Flight Rules -- 91.159-91.519
Which vfr cruising altitude is ac...,
Which cruising altitude is approp...,
Which vfr cruising altitude is ap...
47  cards
4.10: NTSB Part 830 -- Notification and Reporting of Aircraft Accidents or Incidents and Overdue Aircraft, and Preservation of Aircraft Wreckage, Mail, Cargo, and Records
If an aircraft is involved in an ...,
Which incident would necessitate ...,
Which incident requires an immedi...
9  cards
5.1: Determinants of Airplane Performance
What are the standard temperature...,
What effect if any does high humi...,
Which factor would tend to increa...
10  cards
5.2: Density Altitude Computations
Determine the density altitude fo...,
What is the effect of a temperatu...,
What is the effect of a temperatu...
9  cards
5.3: Takeoff Distance
Determine the approximate ground ...,
Determine the total distance requ...,
Determine the total distance requ...
4  cards
5.4: Cruise Power Settings
What fuel flow should a pilot exp...,
What is the expected fuel consump...,
What is the expected fuel consump...
6  cards
5.5: Crosswind Components
What is the crosswind component f...,
What is the headwind component fo...,
Determine the maximum wind veloci...
6  cards
5.6 : Landing Distance
Determine the total distance requ...,
Determine the approximate total d...,
Determine the total distance requ...
11  cards
5.7: Weight and Balance Definitions
Which items are included in the e...,
An aircraft is loaded 110 pounds ...,
If an aircraft is loaded 90 pound...
5  cards
6.1: Hypoxia
Which statement best defines hypoxia,
Which is not a type of hypoxia,
Which of the following is a corre...
4  cards
6.2: Hyperventilation
A pilot should be able to overcom...,
Rapid or extra deep breathing whi...,
When a stressful situation is enc...
6  cards
6.3: Spatial Disorientation
Pilots are more subject to spatia...,
Pilots are more subject to spatia...,
If a pilot experiences spatial di...
6  cards
6.4: Vision
The illusion associated with land...,
The best method to use when looki...,
What is the most effective way to...
6  cards
6.5: Carbon Monoxide
Effects of carbon monoxide poison...,
What is a correct response if an ...,
Susceptibility to carbon monoxide...
4  cards
6.6: Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
One purpose of crew resource mana...,
The most important key to risk ma...,
What antidotal phrase can help re...
16  cards
7.1 : Causes of Weather
Every physical process of weather...,
What causes variations in altimet...,
The wind at 5 000 feet agl is sou...
3  cards
7.2: Convective Currents
Convective circulation patterns a...,
The development of thermals depen...
2  cards
7.3: Fronts
One of the most easily recognized...,
One weather phenomenon which will...,
The boundary between two differen...
3  cards
7.4: Thunderstorms
If there is thunderstorm activity...,
A nonfrontal narrow band of activ...,
What conditions are necessary for...
12  cards
7.5: Icing
One in flight condition necessary...,
In which environment is aircraft ...,
The presence of ice pellets at th...
7  cards
7.6: Mountain Wave
An almond or lens shaped cloud wh...,
Crests of standing mountain waves...,
Possible mountain wave turbulence...
3  cards
7.7: Wind Shear
Where does wind shear occur a onl...,
A pilot can expect a wind shear z...,
When may hazardous wind shear be ...
3  cards
7.8: Temperature/Dew Point and Fog
If the temperature dewpoint sprea...,
What is meant by the term dewpoin...,
The amount of water vapor which a...
9  cards
7.9: Clouds
What cloud types would indicate c...,
Clouds are divided into four fami...,
The suffix nimbus used in naming ...
8  cards
7.10: Stability of Air Masses
What is a characteristic of stabl...,
When warm moist stable air flows ...,
If an unstable air mass is forced...
12  cards
7.11: Temperature Inversions
What feature is associated with a...,
The most frequent type of ground ...,
When there is a temperature inver...
6  cards
8.1: Weather Briefings
When speaking to a flight service...,
To get a complete weather briefin...,
Which type weather briefing shoul...
11  cards
8.2: Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR)
For aviation purposes ceiling is ...,
What are the current conditions d...,
The wind direction and velocity a...
6  cards
8.3 : Aircraft Observations and Reports
Ua ov kokc ktul tm 1800 fl120 tp ...,
Ua ov kokc ktul tm 1800 fl120 tp ...,
Ua ov kokc ktul tm 1800 fl120 tp ...
7  cards
8.4 : Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)
Tafkmem 121720z 1218 1324 20012kt...,
Tafkmem 121720z 1218 1324 20012kt...,
Tafkmem 121720z 1218 1324 20012kt...
9  cards
8.5: Radar Weather Reports (NEXRAD)
Radar weather reports are of spec...
1  cards
8.6: In-Flight Weather
How should contact be established...,
What service should a pilot norma...,
En route weather advisories shoul...
4  cards
8.7: Wind and Temperature Aloft Forecasts (FB)
Fb wbc 151745data based on 151200...,
Fb wbc 151745data based on 151200...,
Fb wbc 151745data based on 151200...
7  cards
8.8: Significant Weather Prognostic Charts (SIGWX)
How are significant weather progn...,
Interpret the weather symbol depi...,
At what altitude is the freezing ...
4  cards
8.9 : AIRMET
Sigmets are issued as a warning o...,
Airmets are advisories of signifi...,
Which in flight advisory would co...
6  cards
9.1: Longitude and Latitude
0  cards

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