private pilot faa knowledge test

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Airplanes And Aerodynamics
What is one purpose of wing flaps,
One of the main functions of flap...,
What is the purpose of the rudder...
40  cards
Airplane Instruments, Engines, and Systems
In the northern hemisphere a magn...,
During flight when are the indica...,
Deviation in a magnetic compass i...
71  cards
Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace
The numbers 9 and 27 on a runway ...,
The numbers 8 and 26 on the appro...,
When approaching taxiway holding ...
94  cards
Federal Aviation Regulations
With respect to the certification...,
With respect to the certification...,
The definition of nighttime is
4  cards
Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
Which statement best defines hypoxia,
Which is not a type of hypoxia,
Which of the following is a corre...
34  cards
Aviation Weather
Every physical process of weather...,
What causes variations in altimet...,
The wind at 5 000 feet agl is sou...
56  cards
Navigation: Charts and Publications
Which statement about longitude a...,
Which is true concerning the blue...,
With certain exceptions class e a...
16  cards
Cross Country Flight Planning
How should a vfr flight plan be c...,
During the preflight inspection w...,
Who is responsible for maintainin...
17  cards
Navigation Systems
When the course deviation i dicta...,
Where can locations for vor test ...,
What should the airborne accuracy...
8  cards
A Private Pilot Practice Test
If an aircraft is loaded 90 pound...,
What is true altitude,
Detonation occurs in a reciprocat...
37  cards
Federal Aviation Regulations
With respect to the certificatio ...,
With respect to the certification...,
The definition of nighttime is
195  cards
Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance
What are the standard temperature...,
What effect if any does high humi...,
Which factor would tend to increa...
11  cards
Aviation Weather Services
To get a compete weather briefing...,
Which type weather briefing shoul...,
Which type of weather briefing sh...
30  cards
What is 2 2
1  cards

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private pilot faa knowledge test

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