fdn3 by nathan and minnie

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Bacterial Structure and Physiology
How big are bacteria,
What is included in a cell envelope,
What is the difference between th...
153  cards
Cells and Tissues of the Immune System
What are the primary lymphoid tis...,
What tissues comprise primary lym...,
What are secondary lymphoid tissues
156  cards
Gram Positive Bacteria
What is a superantigen,
What are the,
What are staphylococci
219  cards
What are the characteristics of i...,
What are the characteristics of a...,
What is specificity
866  cards
What is the general mechanism of ...,
What is the general mechanism of ...,
What is the general mechanism of ...
191  cards
Why do we perform diagnostic tests,
What is an index test,
What is a gold standard test
69  cards
Gram Negative Bacteria
What are some of the distinctive ...,
Wich enterobacteriaceae,
Escherichia coli are gram stain m...
201  cards
Miscellaneous Bacteria
What are obligate intracellular b...,
Rickettsiaceae are a family of si...,
How are rickettsiaceae often tran...
114  cards
What are the important properties...,
Viral replication requires factor...,
What do the most successful antiv...
405  cards
Diagnostic Testing
What is a monoclonal antibody,
What is immunofluorescence used for,
What is flow cytometry used for
22  cards
What is the most important consid...,
If an infant has a pertussis infe...,
Bacteria x has a very short incub...
198  cards
What are fungal cell walls made from,
What major comonent of the fungal...,
How are fungi different from bact...
53  cards
Focus on the parasites mentioned in Flaherty's SAS
128  cards
Health and Society/PD
Business of Medicine, Implicit Bias, Global Health, AOSC, Ethics
61  cards

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fdn3 by nathan and minnie

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