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No digits finger toes,
No hands,
No feet
102  cards
CN Coaching
Gag reflex,
Taste ant 2 3 of tongue
65  cards
Cardiac Anatomy
The heart rests on the,
Mass of tissue extending from ste...,
Orientation of the base of the heart
96  cards
Cardiovascular Cond. , Ax
Clenched fist held over the chest...,
Innervation of the heart what level,
Types of angina
39  cards
Direct trauma to the shoulder summit,
Signs of ac jt sprain,
Rockwood classification i
22  cards
Rapid proliferation of anaplastic...,
Single most important risk factor,
4 early warning signs of cancer
70  cards
GIT D/O/hepatic Dse/biliary Dse
Pain upon swallowing,
L shoulder pain secondary to git ...,
Lower esophageal sphincter is not...
13  cards
Dse that closely resembles tb bot...,
Malignant neoplasm of glandular e...,
Change from columnar epithelium t...
65  cards
APK 1996
The principal ms involved in ligh...,
Class lever the weight arm is lon...,
The ball of the foot corresponds ...
102  cards
Blood Physio
Normal value rbc in males,
Normal value rbc in females,
Normal value hematocrit in males
39  cards
APK FEB 2000
A rheumatic disorder that is freq...,
The scaphod lunate and triquetriu...,
The scaphoid lunate and triquetri...
32  cards
3 factors involved in a evidence ...,
Type of research that stablish ca...,
Criterias of true experimental group
92  cards
Ice burg type,
Cold application duration,
Sequence of sensation felt during...
80  cards
An external device that improves ...,
Type of pitch for pxs with partia...,
Used to accommodate toe deformity
78  cards
An external device that improves ...,
Type of pitch for pxs with partia...,
Used to accommodate toe deformity
78  cards
R or L Sided Heart Failure
Congestion in the periphery and o...,
Bipedal edema,
13  cards
What medication prolongs the pr i...,
Ecg of px with chf and taking dig...,
Medication given to increase the ...
25  cards
Congenital Heart Anomalies
Shunts can be found in inter arte...,
Shunts can be foud in the inter v...,
Constriction of proximal and dist...
8  cards
Borg Scale
Nothing at all,
Very very weak,
Very weak
16  cards
Cardiac Laboratory Evidence,diagnostic tools and surgical intervantion
Peak of enzyme sgot serum glutami...,
Peak of enzyme cpk creatinine pho...,
Peak of enzyme ck mb creatine kin...
20  cards
Ranchos Los Amigos GAIT
Knee initial contact,
Knee initial contact,
Hip initial contact
24  cards
Lung Capacities di pa tapos
Normal value for tlc,
Normal value for vc,
Normal value for rv
8  cards
REMBE Electro
Wavelength of short ultraviolet r...,
Wavelength of long ultraviolet ra...,
Uv wavelength that will produce r...
77  cards
RA And OA Conditions
Gouty arthritis is common among,
Sle is common among,
Most common site for inflammation...
98  cards
Left Or Right MCA Lesion
28  cards
Brain and stroke
The only stroke that is assymtomatic,
2 water shed area of the brain,
Spinal cord watershed area
12  cards
Functional reach test bony landmark,
Extension exercise progression,
Lom on slr passively flex the kne...
12  cards
Rembe Electro Pdn
There is absolutely no response t...,
Decrease tetanic faradic excitabi...,
Decrease in both galvanic and far...
33  cards
Decreases heart rate blod pressur...
1  cards

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