fire: essentials of firefighting and firefighter operations

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Chapter 1 Orientation and Fire Service History
The majority 23 000 of fire organ...,
1608 first recorded major fire in...,
1678 first ever paid fire company
101  cards
Chapter 2 Firefighter Safety and Health
Nfpa and usfa numbers on fataliti...,
Leading types of injuries,
Leading cause of death
73  cards
Chapter 3 Fire Department Communications
Fire department communications ca...,
Internal communications,
External communications
73  cards
Chapter 4 Building Construction
All trusses constructed prior to ...,
Common building materials include,
The most common building material...
208  cards
Chapter 5 Fire Behavior
Physical science is the study of ...,
Anything that occupies space and ...,
What type of change occurs when a...
144  cards
Chapter 6 PPE
Standard on fire department occup...,
Standard on open circuit self con...,
Standard on personal alert safety...
111  cards
Chapter 7 Portable Fire Extinguishers
What stages of fire are portable ...,
Standard for portable fire exting...,
Portable fire extinguishers are d...
60  cards
Chapter 8 Ropes, Webbing, Knots
Name the two classifications that...,
Standard on life safety rope and ...,
Nfpa 1983 establishes two other t...
71  cards
Chapter 9 Structural Search, Victim Removal, Firefighter Survival
Assessment of a facility or locat...,
Any facility in which a fire acci...,
What type of building is it impor...
63  cards
Chapter 10 Scene Lighting, Rescue Tools, Vehicle Extrication, and Tech Rescue
When dealing with scene lighting ...,
The most common power source used...,
A portable generator typically ha...
129  cards
Chapter 11 Forcible Entry
Techniques used by fire personnel...,
What two steps should be taken pr...,
All types of door latches locks a...
92  cards
Chapter 12 Ground Ladders
Fire service ladders have similar...,
Standard for manufacturers design...,
This requires that folding ladder...
66  cards
Chapter 13 Tactical Ventilation
Term that refers to the removal o...,
The planned systematic and coordi...,
Controlling and extinguishing fir...
58  cards
Chapter 14 Water Supply
Name the two types of water suppl...,
Name four components of a water s...,
How many times more saltier is th...
71  cards
Chapter 15 Fire Hose
Standard on fire hose,
A fire hoses measured diameter re...,
What is the traditional length of...
122  cards
Chapter 16 Fire Streams
The primary way that water exting...,
The amount of energy required to ...,
Quantity of heat absorbed by a su...
110  cards
Chapter 17 Fire Control
What three criteria help determin...,
Is intended to isolate or stabili...,
Name four conditions when a defen...
138  cards
Chapter 18 Loss Control
If not careful fire suppression c...,
Activities performed before durin...,
Consist of operations associated ...
38  cards
Chapter 19 Fire Origin and Cause Determination
Name three responsibilitys of eve...,
The is the general location where...,
All debris should remain in place...
48  cards
Chapter 20 Fire Protection Systems
Provide notification of an emerge...,
System component that receives in...,
Either manually operated or autom...
137  cards
Chapter 21 Fire and Life Safety Intiatives
Programs that primarily work to e...,
Fire and life safety initiative p...,
What is the goal of a fire and li...
92  cards

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fire: essentials of firefighting and firefighter operations

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