florida real estate broker test prep

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1 - Becoming a Real Estate Broker and Opening a Real Estate Offiice
What are the three ways that an i...,
What must a qualified licensee ap...,
What must a qualified licensee ap...
18  cards
2 -Owning, Managing and Supervising a Real Estate Office
When holding funds what two thing...,
How soon must funds given to sale...,
How soon must funds given to the ...
13  cards
Review of complaint procedure
Multiple choice
10  cards
Valuing Real Property
Can a real estate agent appraise ...,
What is a comparative market anal...,
How does a cma differ from an app...
23  cards
Agency Relationships
What are the types of agency,
What does residential sales encom...,
When must agency relationship be ...
15  cards
Real Estate Finance
What is lien priority,
What is the priority of the follo...,
What are the two type of satisfac...
18  cards
Closing Real Estate Transactions
Are these commonly paid by the bu...,
Are these commonly paid by the bu...,
This is a compilation of all the ...
7  cards
Taxation and federal income tax laws
Most home sales are exempt from c...,
Business taxes are based on the n...,
To deduct depreciation from a bus...
8  cards
Investment Real Estate
Gross operating income or effecti...,
Usual vacancy rate,
Net operating income noi
18  cards
Zoning and Planning, Subdividing of Land, and Special Issues
Who is responsible for issuing pe...,
All of the following are elements...,
The purpose of zoning is
10  cards
Environmental Issues Affecting Real Estate Transactions
What must be done by a broker reg...,
In general a home is more likely ...,
How can asbestos be identified
10  cards
Property Management
All of the following are included...,
All of the following are obligati...,
The tenancy most often used by pr...
10  cards
Test review questions I missed
Chapter 1 a sales associates lice...,
Chapter 1 jan is a college gradua...,
Chapter 2 all of the following ar...
32  cards

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