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Chapter 1: Foundations of Development
What is family context of human d...,
What are some examples of social ...,
What are the 5 principles of life...
77  cards
Chapter 2: Biological and Environmental Foundations and Prenatal Development
What is a dominant gene,
What is a recessive gene,
Genetic disordersname 2 dominant ...
58  cards
Chapter 3: Physical Development
What are growth norms,
What do growth norms tell us,
Describe growth in infancy
59  cards
Chapter 4: Brain, Perception, and Motor Development
Brain development in infancy and ...,
Brain development in infancy and ...,
Brain development in infancy and ...
52  cards
Chapter 5: Health
What is infant mortality,
What is infancy,
What are the causes of infant mor...
34  cards
Chapter 6: Cognitive Change - Cognitive-Developmental and Sociocultural Approaches
What was piaget the first scienti...,
What are schemas,
What is assimilation
41  cards
Chapter 7: Cognitive Change - Information Processing Approach
What was piagets approach to cogn...,
What was vygotskys approach to co...,
What is the information processin...
39  cards
Chapter 8: Intelligence
What are the 2 types of intelligence,
What is crystallized intelligence,
What is fluid intelligence
51  cards
Chapter 9: Language Development
What are the 5 basic components t...,
What is phonology,
What is morphology
34  cards
Chapter 10: Emotional Development
Emotional development in infancy ...,
Emotional development in infancy ...,
Emotional development in infancy ...
51  cards
Chapter 11: Self and Identity
What is self concept,
What is infant self awareness,
What is self recognition
44  cards
Chapter 12: Moral Development
Are religion and morality synonymous,
What is kohlbergs cognitive devel...,
Kohlbergs cognitive developmental...
33  cards
Chapter 13: Gender and Sexuality
What is sex,
What is gender,
What are gender role norms
81  cards
Chapter 14: Family Formation and Diversity, Parent-Child Relationships, and Sibling and Peer Relationships
What are the 2 parenting dimensions,
Describe the responsive and emoti...,
Describe the demanding and contro...
61  cards
Chapter 15: Preschool and Formal Education Experiences, and Work and Career Experiences
0  cards
Chapter 16: Endings
0  cards
What is the psychoanalytic theory...,
What is the behaviourist operant ...,
What is the behaviourist social l...
146  cards

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