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Nutrition - macronutrients
What are nutrients,
What are macronutrients,
What are the three macronutrients
57  cards
Nutrition - micronutrients
What are fat soluble vitamins,
What are water soluble vitamins,
What is vitamin a also known as
103  cards
Diet and good health
What does the term diet mean,
What does the term balanced diet ...,
What are the five sections of the...
64  cards
Food science
Why do we need to cook foods,
What are the three methods of hea...,
What is conduction
120  cards
Food spoilage
What are the six causes of food s...,
What are perishable foods,
What are the signs of food spoilage
39  cards
Technological developments
What factors influence technologi...,
What three factors affect a count...,
How are foods often stored during...
41  cards
Food choice
What are the nine most common fac...,
How can availability affect food ...,
Rural or cities which one has a w...
63  cards
Commodities: Cereals
What are cereals,
What are the most popular cereals...,
Why are cereals a staple food
68  cards
Commodities: Fruits and vegetables
What does organic mean,
What three categories of vegetabl...,
What are the five categories of v...
36  cards
Commodities: Dairy products
What is the most common milk in t...,
What is the only nutrient that mi...,
Why is milk called a complete food
42  cards
Commodities: Animal protein
What is meat,
What is poultry,
What is offal
95  cards
Commodities: Plant proteins
What are seeds,
What is a pulse,
Give examples of pulses
15  cards
Commodities: Fats
Whats the difference between a fa...,
What is butter made from,
What is clarified butter
26  cards
Food provenance
What does the term food provenanc...,
What does the term food chain mean,
What does the term traceability mean
22  cards
Practical skills
What are the basic ingredients us...,
What are the five cake making met...,
Give examples of cakes made using...
21  cards
Commodities: Sugars
What are the two plants sugar can...,
How is sugar extracted from sugar...,
Name three types of white sugar
29  cards
Adipose tissue
27  cards

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