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Fredreich's ataxia/ Charcot Marie tooth
What is fredreich a ataxia,
What is the fredreich a ataxia ge...,
What is frataxin
20  cards
Pes cavus
What is its pathology,
What is pes cavus,
What are the causes of pes cavus
10  cards
ankle and foot anatomy
Lateral ligaments of the ankle,
Name the medial ankle ligaments
38  cards
hallux rigiditis
Define hallux rigiditius,
Aetiology of hallux rigidius,
Classification of hallux rigiditis
11  cards
hallux valgus
Define hallux valgus,
Aetiology of hallux valgus,
Epidemiology of hallux valgus
29  cards
sesmoid/ turf toe/hallux varus
Name two sesmoids,
Anatomical structure sesmoids env...,
Sesmoids anatomically separated by
31  cards
foot motor neurology
Name the muscle amd nerve root fo...,
Name the muscle and nerve root fo...,
Name the muscle and nerve for hin...
5  cards
drawing foot
Name the sensory nerves of the fo...
1  cards
foot biomechanics inc gait cycle
Subtalar joint consist of,
What does the midfoot consist of ...,
Chopart joint anatomy and movement
20  cards
Pes planus
Who most likely to get it,
Name the causes of pes planus,
What is the aetiology
20  cards
congenital pes planus
vertical talus calcaneovalgus flexible flatfoot accessory navicular tarsal coalition
41  cards
Calcaneal Fractures
What proportion of these fracture...,
What is the aetiology of calcanea...,
What do you find on clinical pres...
22  cards
Talus anatomy and body fractures
How much is the talus covered in ...,
Does the talus have any muscle or...,
Name the 3 main blood supply to t...
28  cards
Ankle fractures
What role does the deltoid ligame...,
What role does the fibula have,
What xrays and measurements are u...
16  cards
Diabetic Foot Charcot Neuropathy
Define charcot foot,
Charcot foot cause,
The epidemiology of charcot neuro...
27  cards
Interdigital neuroma Tarsal tunnel syndrome anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome SPN entrapment Diabetic foot Poliomyelitis Diabetic foot
37  cards
LIs Franc injuries
Define lis franc injury,
Epidemiology of lis franc injuries,
Mechanism of injury
19  cards
Morton's Neuroma
Definition morton s neuroma,
Epiemiology of morton s neuroma,
Pathology of morton s neuroma
11  cards
ANTEROLATERAL approach to ankle
What are the indications for this...,
Describe the incision,
What is the internervous plane
7  cards
lateral approach to calcaneum
What is the position of the patient,
Describe your incision,
What is this internervous plane
7  cards
anterior approach to ankle
What is the indications for this ...,
What is the intermuscular plane,
What would the pt set up be
9  cards
Less toe deformity
Claw toe hammer toe mallet toe synovitis 2nd MT Bunionette Freiberg's disease
55  cards
Postmedial approach to ankle
What is the internervous plane,
What is the set up of the patient...,
Where is the incision made
7  cards
Lower extremity ossicles
Definition of accessory ossicles,
Definition of sesmoids,
Most common ossicles
32  cards
Arthritic conditions
Define pseudogout,
Epidemiology of pseudogout,
Name associated conditions
37  cards
Ankle arthroscopy
Indications for ankle arthroscopy,
Patient position and set up for a...,
Main portals required for ankle a...
4  cards
Tendon injuries
Plantar fasciitis FHL injury Peroneal Dislocation achilles tendonitis achilles tendon rupture Posterior tibial tendon insufficiency
96  cards
Layers of the Plantar foot
Name the layers of the planar foot,
What is in layer 1,
1st plantar layer
7  cards
Neurology of foot
Medial plantar nerve supply,
Lateral planter nerve supply,
Physical exam plantar nerve injury
6  cards
Ankle arthrodesis
Indications for ankle athrodesis,
Technique for ankle arthrodesis,
Technique for tibiotalocalcaneal ...
4  cards
Foot muscle forces and deformities?
Muscles are weak strong in pes cavus,
What muscles are weak strong in p...,
What muscles weak strong in equinus
6  cards

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