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Intro to Immunology
____ is the reactive portion of a...,
Cells of hematopoietic origins ca...,
What cd markers are expressed on ...
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Innate Immunity
Sort these into intrinsic or inna...,
What are used to recognize pathog...,
Identify the microbe type associa...
67  cards
The only cells that can initiate ...,
T cells are activated by interact...,
Fill in the blank cd8 t cells bin...
17  cards
T cells and TCR
The antigen binding domain of tcr...,
Key difference in how antibodies ...,
What are the roles of the followi...
28  cards
Blood and Myeloid Tissue
Of rbc in blood,
Formed elements of blood
35  cards
B Cells and Antibodies
Why are antibodies considered a d...,
Which of these is true a differen...,
Part of the antibody that contact...
54  cards
Cytokines act through cell surfac...,
Explain how cytokines are pleiotr...,
Cytokines vs chemokines functions...
29  cards
What do rheumatoid arthritis infl...,
How are soluble receptor antagoni...,
Use of infliximab adalimumab uste...
21  cards
Lymphoid System
3 components of secondary lymphoi...,
In the stroma of lymphoid tissues...,
Fill in the blanks regarding lymp...
54  cards
Cell Injury
Reversible functional and structu...,
Hypertrophy vs hyperplasia,
T f hyperplasia is controlled and...
21  cards
3 types of inflammation and key d...,
Granulomatous inflammation,
Describe what occurs during acute...
47  cards
missed questions
High molecular weight bacterial p...,
C1 and c2 are part of which compl...,
Biological agents ending in cept ...
29  cards
What mediates the four types of h...,
Type i hypersensitivity,
Type i hypersensitivity mechanism
47  cards
What types of hypersensitivity re...,
Graft v host is a type ___ hypers...,
Autotransplanation vs xenotranspl...
18  cards
Integumentary System
Blood flow through the skin is ad...,
Integumentary system makes vitami...,
47  cards
3 ways autoimmunity can occur,
What are the 3 possible outcomes ...,
How does anergy of t cells occur
27  cards
Primary Immunodeficiency
Primary immunodeficiency,
3 effects of immunoglobins antibo...,
Name 4 warning signs of immunodef...
35  cards
Name the cells that secrete hista...,
What 2 metabolites of histamine c...,
In mast cells and basophils hista...
83  cards
Abscopal effect,
Drugs in oncology that end in ib ...,
3 mechanisms of antibodies and al...
33  cards
Pharmacology of Inflammation
Function of bradykinin,
_____ are released by macrophages...,
Prostaglandins 1 derived from ___...
34  cards
Immunosuppressive Drugs
Describe induction therapy during...,
During induction therapy of trans...,
How is daclizumab used in transpl...
19  cards
missed questions, review
Eosinophils are involved in the k...,
Neutrophilia is characteristic of...,
Burn blister is an example of ___...
74  cards
Heme Synthesis
Highest rate of heme synthesis ar...,
How is heme used in the liver,
When does heme synthesis stop in ...
39  cards
Hemoglobin is structurally made o...,
Why can t heme travel alone in th...,
33  cards
Transfusion Immunology
What macromolecules are abo antig...,
What allele determines blood type,
16  cards
Intro to Anemia
What is a normal range of rbc per...,
What is a normal range of hemoglo...,
The flexible biconcave disk of rb...
18  cards
Microcytic Anemia
In differential diagnosis for ane...,
Regarding rbc size what constitut...,
What is believed to regulate rbc ...
32  cards
Microcytic Anemias: Thalassemias
Alpha globin locus is on chromoso...,
Thalassemia syndromes are inherit...,
Single _______ allele is thought ...
22  cards
Macrocytic and Normocytic Anemia
What are the 2 forms of anemia wi...,
What is characteristic of a megal...,
How can you diagnose megaloblasti...
20  cards
Hemolytic Anemia
Hemolytic anemia occurs when ____...,
How can the high reticulocyte cou...,
Splenic macrophages remove old da...
68  cards
Hemostasis and Coagulation
Thrombomodulin protein c and prot...,
The 4 basic steps of hemostasis,
Most powerful endothelial release...
43  cards
Thrombophilic Disorders
It is more common for thrombosis ...,
What about the venous system make...,
What is a patient with dvt at ris...
13  cards
Bleeding Disorders 2
How does hypersplenism affect pla...,
Schistocytes suggest,
Hemolytic anemia low platelet cou...
29  cards
Bleeding Disorders 1
What are the standard screening t...,
Petechial hemorrhage is a sign of...
10  cards
Blood Transfusion Complications
A patient develops hypotension ta...,
What is the mechanism and outcome...,
When should you expect acute hemo...
11  cards
Benign WBC Disorders
What is the normal range of wbc t...,
What is a normal range of platele...,
Give the normal range for the fol...
15  cards
Hematologic Malignancies
Leukemia vs lymphoma,
Acute leukemias,
Myeloproliferative disorders and ...
12  cards
Acute Leukemias
What is causing the increase in w...,
The challenge of identifying acut...,
What is an auer rod and what does...
20  cards
Chronic Leukemias
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is a...,
What is the most common leukemia ...,
How do patients with cll chronic ...
23  cards
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Classically myeloproliferative ne...,
Describe the jak2 mutation that i...,
26  cards
The b symptoms of lymphoma fever ...,
On physical examination when you ...,
What is the significance of walde...
38  cards
Multiple Myeloma and Related
Plasma cell neoplasms,
Multiple myeloma,
Which cytokine is an important me...
21  cards

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