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Exam 1 study
Droplet illnesses,
Airborne illnesses,
Droplet barrier protection
68  cards
Urinary elimination labs
A patient specific gravity result...,
A patient specific gravity result...,
A patient specific gravity result...
28  cards
Electrolytes in FPCC
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
The nurse is caring for a client ...
14  cards
Nursing Process
The nurse is explaining the nursi...,
The nurse is interviewing a clien...,
Which nursing process involves de...
6  cards
Medication Adminstration
Which information must be clearly...,
Which method of medication admini...,
Which technique used by the nurse...
5  cards
Skin Intergrity/Wounds
Closed wound,
Open wound,
Partial thickness wounds
38  cards
What is ventilation affected by,
Respiration external
36  cards
IV therapy
What type of technique is used ev...,
What happens to the your facility...,
Over the needle
50  cards
Indications for restraints,
You never use restraints when,
Chemical restraints
15  cards
Which statement explains why tota...,
When a client s total parenteral ...,
Immediately after the insertion o...
13  cards
Bowel Elimination
Bowel elimination,
Normal bowel elimination,
Normal frequency
42  cards
Post Op Complications
Cms for atelectasis,
Nursing care for atelectasis
12  cards
Trapeze bar,
Trochanter roll
23  cards
12  cards
Final Exam
Fluid output,
Gi feces output,
Kidneys urine output
48  cards

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