fundamentals nur 220

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Vital Signs
Elder speak,
Why do vs need to be accurate,
When to assess vital signs
62  cards
Definition of infection,
What is hai,
Top offenders for hai
61  cards
What is the traditional approach,
What is the research based approach,
What is the research practice gap
19  cards
What is personal hygiene,
Who is responsible for patient s ...,
What is the body s first line of ...
39  cards
What is the primary cause of musc...,
Who is most at risk for musculosk...,
What percentage of nursing back i...
41  cards
What is the highest single preven...,
Smoking has been historically ____,
More smokers in rural or urban ci...
93  cards
Medication Math
1 l ______ ml,
1 oz _____ ml,
1 tsp _____ ml
24  cards
Exam 1 Main Points
Qsen competencies,
4 rights of informed consent,
Ebp goals rappa
95  cards
Safety and Security
What is qsen,
What is iom,
What is tjc
56  cards
Med Admin and Safe Injection
What is mar,
If its due its,
If its green its
80  cards
Nursing Process
Standardized nursing language def...,
Standardized nursing language giv...,
Standardized nursing language is ...
66  cards
Pain is,
Pain is,
Pain is accompanied by
87  cards
What is isbar standardized commun...,
What is a sentinel event
18  cards
What meds slow bowels,
What do you chart for stool,
What meds cause diarrhea
55  cards
Normal urine production,
What foods act as diuretics,
Meds can make urine what colors
40  cards
Sleep and Rest
Decreased sleep affects
79  cards
Pressure Injury
What is a pressure injury,
Common pi sites,
Pi usually in combination with
18  cards
Skin Integrity
Wound types,
77  cards
Tube Feeding
Underweight bmi,
Normal bmi,
Overweight bmi
42  cards
3 phases,
Pre phase,
Intra phase
66  cards
When does process of becoming a p...,
Provisions 1 3,
Provisions 4 6
4  cards

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