fundamentals of insurance

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Chapter 1: Introduction to General Insurance
Major function of insurance,
Explain what is meant by spread o...,
Meaning of insurance
10  cards
Chapter 2: Insurance Contracts
3 major categories of risk,
4 options dealing with risk,
2 types of financial risk
8  cards
Chapter 3: The Role of Government in the Insurance Industry
Define fiduciary,
Define the meaning of subrogation...,
How can a term or condition of th...
46  cards
Chapter 4: The Insurance Process
Brokers role in the insurance pro...,
Primary duty owed by brokers to c...,
Primary duty owed by brokers to i...
13  cards
Chapter 5: Property Insurance Policies - Common Characteristics
Define personal property insurance,
Define commercial property insurance,
What does named perils insure
20  cards
Chapter 6: Personal Property Insurance
When only 1 person is named as th...,
Identify 4 persons included in th...,
Definition of dwelling
43  cards
Chapter 7: Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial property is,
Broad form covers,
Factors that affect fire rate
39  cards
Chapter 8: Principles of Legal Liability
2 types of legal systems,
What is the goal in a civil action,
2 main areas of comprising civil law
24  cards
Chapter 9: Introduction to Liability Insurance
Common features of liability poli...,
Define bodily injury,
Define property damage
14  cards
Chapter 10: Liability Insurance Policies
State the 4 coverage and limits s...,
Premises insured includes,
Coverage e personal liability
14  cards
Chapter 11: Accident & Sickness and Travel Insurance
3 work related benefits provided ...,
2 types of accident sickness cont...,
Indicate who would purchase an in...
20  cards
Chapter 12: Introduction to Automobile Insurance
People who are eligible to purcha...,
Automobile insurance is provided by,
Which provinces insure automobile...
27  cards
Chapter 15: Regulation of Brokers
What is the insurance act,
Who are the administration,
What are the qualifications for l...
10  cards

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fundamentals of insurance

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