fundamentals of nursing (bsnr 2160)

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Syllabus Quiz
What room is lecture in,
What room is lab in,
What are the lecture times
46  cards
____ describes how personal healt...,
What does hippa stand for,
Hippa requires health care agenci...
23  cards
____ maintains effective relation...,
____ is essential for establishin...,
____ is the 1 cause for medical e...
35  cards
PPE & Infection Lab (Week 1)
____ results when a pathogen inva...,
What is the chain of infection,
What is the 1 way to stop the spr...
19  cards
Chapter 23 - Legal Implications in Nursing Practice
____ laws protect the rights of t...,
____ laws protect society by prov...,
____ laws are administrative laws...
3  cards
Chapter 26 - Documentation
A ____ sheet is used when repeate...,
In which section of the tradition...,
Which organization addresses the ...
5  cards
Which phrase best describes the e...,
Which statement best describes th...,
Which phrases describe the ethica...
27  cards
Patient Safety
The culture of ____ is needed to ...,
A patient s ________ includes phy...,
A safe environment allows the sta...
9  cards
ROM - Lab Week 2
What is flexion,
What is extension,
What is hyperextension
15  cards
Chapter 28 - Chain of Infection
Which microorganisms can cause ex...,
Which modes of transmission cause...,
Patients with pneumonia and viral...
8  cards
Chapter 15 - Critical Thinking
What are the intellectual standar...,
What are the levels of critical t...,
3  cards
Chapter 49 - Sensory
____ is nearsightedness you can s...,
____ is a gradual decline in the ...,
____ are cloudy or opaque areas i...
6  cards
Chapter 6 Health and Wellness Practice Questions
An argument for passing universal...,
To increase quality and years of ...,
According to the world health org...
21  cards
Chapter 44 Pain Management Practice Questions
A patient has recently had surger...,
A nurse is caring for a patient w...,
A nurse teaches the patient about...
36  cards
Chapter 43 Sleep Practice Questions
The nurse is caring for a young a...,
The nurse is providing an educati...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...
30  cards
Chapter 31 Medication Administration Practice Questions [REDO]
A nurse knows that patient educat...,
Which statement by the patient is...,
A 2 year old child is ordered to ...
50  cards
Chapter 41 Oxygenation Practice Questions
A nurse is teaching staff about t...,
A nurse is teaching the patient w...,
A nurse explains the function of ...
51  cards
Chapter 48 Skin Integrity and Wound Care (Perfusion) Practice Questions
A nurse participating in a resear...,
The nurse caring for an unconscio...,
Which nursing observation will in...
51  cards
Chapter 29 Vital Signs Practice Questions
A patient has a head injury and d...,
A patient presents with heatstrok...,
The patient has a temperature of ...
47  cards
Chapter 45 Practice Questions - Nutrition
A nurse is teaching about the ene...,
In general when a patient s energ...,
A nurse is asked how many kcal g ...
45  cards
Chapter 42 Practice Questions - Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
A patient is experiencing dehydra...,
The nurse is teaching about the p...,
The nurse observes edema in a pat...
47  cards
Electrolyte Values
Normal sodium value,
Normal potassium value,
Normal chloride value
6  cards
Chapter 48 Practice Questions - Skin Integrity and Wound Care
A nurse participating in a resear...,
The nurse caring for an unconscio...,
Which nursing observation will in...
51  cards
Chapter 46 Practice Questions - Urinary Elimination
A nurse is teaching a patient abo...,
A nurse is reviewing urinary labo...,
A patient is experiencing oliguri...
44  cards
Chapter 47 Practice Questions - Bowel Elimination
The nurse is teaching a health cl...,
The nurse is caring for patients ...,
A nurse is teaching a patient abo...
42  cards
Math Conversions
1 l ____ ml,
1 oz ____ ml
11  cards
Chapter 34 Practice Questions - Sexuality
A nurse is caring for a 15 year o...,
A nurse is caring for a patient w...,
Which patient is most in need of ...
23  cards
Chapter 28 Practice Questions - Immunity
The nurse and a new nurse in orie...,
The patient and the nurse are dis...,
The nurse is providing an educati...
46  cards
Chapter 37 Practice Questions - Stress
In a natural disaster relief faci...,
A woman who was sexually assaulte...,
The nurse teaches stress reductio...
21  cards
Chapter 2 Practice Questions - The Health Care Delivery System
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
A nurse is teaching the staff abo...,
A nurse is teaching a family abou...
21  cards
Chapter 33 Practice Questions - Self Concept
When caring for an older adult pa...,
While gathering an adolescent s h...,
A nurse is assessing a group of a...
22  cards
Chapter 35 Practice Questions - Spiritual Health
A co worker asks the nurse to exp...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
The nurse is caring for an islami...
21  cards
Chapter 36 Practice Questions - Grief and Loss
A nurse encounters a family who e...,
A patient diagnosed with terminal...,
A terminally ill patient is exper...
24  cards

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